February 24th, 2020

Anti-Christian letters are a sign of the Last Days

By Letter to the Editor on February 12, 2020.

If today’s headlines don’t persuade you we are living in the Last Days, the anti-Christian letters in this newspaper surely will. Case in point: Ray Marco’s “United Conservative Party is showing its Puritan roots” on Jan. 30. I don’t think so.

If the UCP needs a denominational analogy, I would suggest “Roman Catholic.” The Puritans were the exact opposite. You will hear more about them this year when our neighbours celebrate the 400th anniversary of their arrival on the Mayflower at Cape Cod in September 1620. They were actually, Anglicans, but were severely persecuted by King James because they sought to remove all traces of Roman Catholicism that had remained after King Henry VIII broke with Rome. Henry was obviously not a Christian, but considered himself an “English Catholic.” The Puritans wanted a pure Church of England without the bells and whistles of ritual and non-Biblical teaching. And like today’s Christians, who seek to leave religion and pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they were not very popular. Their only solution was emigration.

“Catholic” is the correct analogy for the UCP as it doesn’t concern itself with being “united” or “conservative.” It is actually an alliance of various interests seeking power. In the same manner, the Roman Catholic church is an alliance of religious people, non-Christians, believers in being saved by works, followers of a Mass that keeps Christ on the Cross, a Mother of God and prayers to the dead, and reverence to celibate priests. They are generally people who will tell you they are Catholic, but do not profess their need to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour through being Born-Again of His Spirit. There are, however, as always, some exceptions. God leaves some Born-Again Christians in the Catholic church to help others to get out and discover the truth. I know this for a fact; I was one of them. I also sinned by voting UCP. Never again!

John Stanley

Medicine Hat

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3 Responses to “Anti-Christian letters are a sign of the Last Days”

  1. Impala says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the behind on the way out! By all means support a left-wing party, the ones that support deviance, criminality, spending without limits, even good old fashioned laziness. Not to mention the identity politics and promotion of hatred between all groups that is their modus operandi. You should fit in well, you are already well on your way with your pious, pretentious attitude, Justin would be proud.

  2. Les Landry says:

    Impala, a couple of days ago you accused me of seeking attention and being divisive.
    Once again you hide behind a cloak of anonymity. You remind me of the idiot at school that failed grade five three times just so he could bully the elevin-year-olds in his class.
    The problem you have is your sill in grade five.
    If you going to colour with the adults, try and stay in the lines.

  3. Fedup Conservative says:

    I salute you John for being man enough to admit when you are wrong. These other fools just make up idiotic comments to convince themselves that they are a lot smarter than us, but aren’t smart enough to understand the truth or as University Professors have pointed out they aren’t man enough to handle the truth.. We are hearing more and more people admit that they were wrong about Kenney, Too bad they hadn’t listened to us. Members of the Lougheed government taught me that these Reformers can’t be trusted and they were right. It’s the reason why a group of lawyers formed the Wildrose Party in 2002 to try to put a stop to what Klein was doing to us , using Reform Party Polices. They asked me to run as their leader in the 2004 election, I refused , because my wife was retiring in two years and we had planned to do some travelling, and have.

    All of you might want to pull this up and read this, it proves what we have known all along, Kenney is all about helping his rich friends and doesn’t give a damn about the rest of us, It’s the Reform Party way, just like the MLAs from the Lougheed era said they were.:

    “Jason Kenney Gives Billions in Tax Giveaways to Five Big Corporations Who Won’t Clean Up 30,000 Abandon Oil Wells”. This guy doesn’t give a damn about what his actions will do to us seniors, especially the widows, and widowers . The single moms. or fathers , or the low income families.

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