February 24th, 2020

What will it take for Albertans to be concerned?

By Letter to the Editor on February 10, 2020.

Has anybody figured out that by the second year of the Alberta war room, it will be the people on AISH paying for 100% of it? This is only possible because the UCP deindexed AISH.

That is only the second year of deindexation. How much will the third and fourth years be costing the people with disabilities on AISH? My math for the fourth year estimates it will be about $145 per month.

And while the UCP claims AISH is the highest in the country, I will point out that the Alberta MLAs are also the highest paid in Canada.

The line from the bottom to the privilege is getting stretched beyond the breaking point.

I have two questions: What kind of person can go to church on Sunday and then persecute some of the most vulnerable in society on Monday? What kind of church are these people going to?

Any government ceases to be civilized when it perverts its authority to abuse the people it is elected to serve. 

First, it will be the weak, sick, old and vulnerable that get abused and then it will be the people that look after them. The nurses, teachers, doctors, front line workers like the police, housing and homeless workers and the list is climbing.

Let me ask: When will you be concerned? Only when they come for you? When you can’t insure your car? Because let me remind you, we are already at that point and it will only get worse.

Les Landry

Redcliff, Alta.

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2 Responses to “What will it take for Albertans to be concerned?”

  1. Impala says:

    Yeah, yeah, the sky is falling, yawn. Did it bother you when the NDP were in power and THEY were the highest paid in the country? And you mention church, Bill Clinton was going to church, then getting “relief” in the Oval Office, were liberals concerned with the church he was attending? You lefties truly are kooks, try living your life while you can, instead of cowering in your home, typing up letters to the News, looking for attention and attempting to create further division.

    • Les Landry says:

      I didn’t hear the NDP feeding the hate machine towards people with disabilities like this government has and is.
      I don’t if it’s me or if it’s that is confused. Can you please remind me, just when was Bill Clinton Premier of Alberta. But that was a deflection as childish as it was.
      It seems like you’re the one starving for attention and I will say, I have never seen too much unity coming from your trolling.
      Your name wouldn’t be Matt Wolf by any chance, would it?.

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