May 27th, 2020

Tough words for firing of election commissioner

By Letter to the Editor on November 23, 2019.

They’ve re-papered the parlour and sobered up the piano player and Kenney’s House of Negotiable Affection is back in business but there’s still that little matter of a couple of outstanding questions as to the legality of his title to the property itself.

Hard words like “fraud” and “false pretenses” are being bandied around and there’s a possibility that Kenney could wind up on charges himself before the real profits ever begin to roll in.

What’s a guy to do?

Well, if you can’t buy off the cop on the beat you put the run on them. That’s what this government is in effect doing by shutting down the office of the elections commissioner.

No commissioner, no investigation, no charges.

Simple, elegant and corrupt.

Ken Sears


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5 Responses to “Tough words for firing of election commissioner”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    In true dictatorship fashion Jason Kenney punished the Alberta Energy Regulator for bringing the $260 billion Orphan Well mess to the attention of the public by slashing their budget by $147 million, apparently he didn’t want the people to know about how badly the Klein government had screwed them. Now he has pulled a real boner by firing the Election Commissioner, and the people aren’t going to let him get away with this. The big question we are hearing “What was he afraid of ? Was the Commissioner getting close to charging Kenney also?

    Albertans need to wake up and realize that there is a huge difference between conservatives and Reformers yet they just keep electing anyone who attaches the word conservative to their name and that’s all they care about. Then watching them trying to make up excuses for why they are deliberately destroying us doesn’t make them look very smart, does it? I can’t wait it read the sarcastic comments our fellow seniors will hurl at Ken and me for pointing out true facts. I hope the young people follow it and see how naive these seniors really are. Fighting Kenney is hard enough but our biggest threat is the ignorant seniors supporting him.

    It was Reformer Stephen Harper who promised that if he was given a majority he wouldn’t tax the Income Trusts, so my sister and brother in-law got involved in them and lost $30,000. because of his lies. In all Canadians lost $35 billion, and Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer were part of this Reform Party government helping him do it. It was Ralph Klein who called Kenney a liar for stealing money from the seniors. Klein was right. And it was Klein along with Ed Stelmach who warned us that Harper’s hidden agenda was to destroy our Public Health Care System and put in an American Style one at a huge cost to the people and his supporters wondered why Canadians voted them out. To those of us from the world of finance Harper’s 2012 budget proved that Klein and Stelmach were right, that’s exactly what he was planning to do and you can bet Jason Kenney will not only try to force us into it, like Klein tried to do, he will also push for the privatization of our education system, he has already done some work on that. Not only could seniors find themselves paying $600. to $1,000. per month each for their health care coverage, our young families could find themselves paying $1,000. per month per child to send their children to school Alberta while he continues to give away our oil wealth and increases tax breaks for his rich friends, where is the intelligence in that?.

    • Homer the Conservative says:

      What grandiose statements you make. But again, you manage to insult seniors again.
      So your sister and brother in law lost $30 grand in interest? Hard to believe, but was that at a time when the world economy was tanking? You know, a time where a lot of people lost a lot in the stock market. But since you are in the financial world, you couldn’t have offered advise to help them out. Maybe they see your views as unreliable.
      You love to throw FUD around, like “paying $600. to $1,000. per month each for their health care coverage, our young families could find themselves paying $1,000. per month per child to send their children to school” with no basis in reality. Where do you get these numbers? You might also have noticed that we still have a public health system, which is provincially controlled so I don’t know how you think Harper was going to change that.
      You complain about tax breaks but do you not realize that taxes are monies taken away from corporations, business and tax payers? It is not the governments money. It is the peoples. You seem to think that the government just deserves that money. It DOESN’T! The intelligence is in knowing that it is our money to start with. A basic “conservative” value. Something you are not!

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    As the survey on the side points out people are furious with Kenney for deliberately destroying the careers of nurses, while slashes taxes, looking to after the well being of his rich friends. During the Klein years, I will never forget the nurses bawling their eyes out in my office when Klein destroyed their careers. Or the doctor with tears streaming down his face who told me that he had six patients who desperately needed to be in a hospital, but he couldn’t even get one in because of what Klein had done. When nurses leave so do doctors, they can’t exist without nurses. I helped nine doctors and at least two dozen nurses relocate out of this province, not one wanted to go.

    Can you see any reason why those of us who weren’t dumb enough to support Jason Kenney shouldn’t start suing these fools who hurl their sarcastic comments at us for trying to stop this Reformer mad man from destroying our children’s future?

  3. Homer the Conservative says:

    “deliberately destroying the careers of nurses” This is the basis of your argument? Were these nurses not able to ever get a job again? “Their careers were destroyed” is a little dramatic.
    Why did the nurses union not try for a wage reduction to save those jobs? Less pay is better than no pay. Not something in your NDP playbook, is it?
    Notley put this province in so much dept that our grand-kids’ kids will still be paying it off. Why aren’t you suing her?

    Yomouse, I hear you, Fed Con is obviously an NDP puppet, hell bent on convincing those who will listen to support his failed party.
    But we have to speak the truth in order for normal people to understand the farce that people like Fed Con present.

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