February 20th, 2020

What are you willing to give up?

By Letter to the Editor on November 7, 2019.

The climate change agenda this is being whipped up around the world is failing to ask its followers one thing: What are you willing to give up to save your beloved planet?

Children are asked to carry signs, yell slogans and spout platitudes but I see politicians like Barack Obama buying oceanfront property in Martha’s Vineyard and Richard Branson building a hotel in New Orleans. All the while we are told oceans are rising.

People that live in our modern society: What are you willing to give up?

Home heating, hot water, cars, planes, anything plastic, washers and dryers, asphalt for roads, grease for lubrication, etc. I could go on forever.

Ask yourself and be dead honest about what you are willing to live without because without our energy sector the year is 1900.

This entire climate change scam is about money, your money. Otherwise wouldn’t governments around the world be rationing fuel, parking the airline and rail industries, and docking every ship in order to save the planet?

Enough with the emotional comments like “We are all going to die.” Remember that climate change, like socialism, is for the people, not the political class or the wealthy.

Dean Brown

Medicine Hat

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3 Responses to “What are you willing to give up?”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Once again we see a senior who ignores the hard cold facts and claims the climate change is just a scam, without providing any facts to back his idiotic comments.

    It was our hero Peter Lougheed who urged the Klein and Stelmach governments to slow down growth of our oilsands , and get control of our pollution. Oilmen told us Lougheed was right something had to be done or our children will face massive lawsuits. Oil executives pointed out that they favored the Carbon Tax as a good first step to doing something about it and convinced Trudeau and Notley to implement it. B.C. had already done so in 2008.

    I think three lawyers were right when they told a group of about 30 of us to start hauling these fellow seniors into court to watch them squirm trying to prove these hard cold facts that are starring them in their faces are false, they can’t do it. While I have no intention of suing anyone I’m getting sick and tired of watching these seniors believe every lie they are fed by these reformers, and putting Albertans out work while they give away our royalties and give huge tax breaks to their rich friends. I think it’s time for those of us who weren’t dumb enough to support Ralph Klein, or Jason Kenney to stop letting these seniors help give away our oil wealth.It belongs to all of us as Peter Lougheed pointed out. I can assure Dean Brown that there are lawyers out there that just might start suing seniors for putting their children into this mess, and why shouldn’t they?

    While Dean believes the lies, provided by these reformers, that the Carbon Tax is going to financially destroy us , how does he explain why the oil executives fully support it? Maybe he better pull up and read “On the world stage Canadian oil majors promote a carbon tax.” , “Shell urges Canada’s oil lobby group to support carbon tax”, Former Exxon CED points to Alberta in climate crisis trail”, he also supports the carbon tax.

    Oilmen state that studies prove we have a problem and that people, like Dean, have been led to believe otherwise. It’s why Exxon is being sued in the U.S. for lying to it’s investors about the Alberta oilsands pollution problem. In addition it’s no secret that Alberta has the highest percentage of children per capita in North America with Asthma and doctors claim it’s our air pollution that’s the problem.

    While Dean is at it, maybe he can tell us how much he is going to be willing to pay into cleaning up the Orphan Well mess that the Klein government created for us? Can he prove that Dr. David Swann was wrong when he wrote ” Alberta government and energy firms need to confront negative legacy”. Did he notice that it looks like Jason Kenney deliberately punished the Alberta Energy Regulator for bringing this disaster to the attention of the people by reducing their budget by $147 million? “Alberta Energy Regulator faces budget cuts of up to $147 million”. Of course more jobs will be lost.

    All in all while I provide facts Dean provides stupid comments and lawyers tell us to tell these ignorant seniors to either put up or shut up and I think they’re right. You can’t just ignore what Alaska and Norway have accomplished with proper management of their oil wealth while Alberta is in financial ruin, can you? And you certainly can’t ignore these massive storms destroying this planet right before our eyes and say it’s a hoax and we should just ignore it. That’s what cowards do when they aren’t man enough to face the facts and willing to try to do something bout it.

  2. Homer the Conservative says:

    Well, I see Fed Con is at it again. You really need to apologize to all the seniors that you continually insult. You know, if you think everyone you interact with is stupid, maybe it’s not them but rather you that is the problem.
    The oil companies in this province invested millions of dollars in cleaning their emissions but you believe that they would have rather given that money as tax? Tax breaks are not giving away money. That money was already earned by the company that the government is taking it from. Do you not understand that?
    The carbon tax that Notley invoked did absolutely NOTHING to reduce emissions, it was just a tax grab on the low and middle class. You know, money I earned that should be mine.
    I would love for some lawyer to try to sue me for whatever case you think they have. This is just more FUD that you seem to like to spread.
    Fed Con, I assume that you will walk down to City Hall and have your utilities cut off, move out of your house into a cave and cuddle with a rabbit to stay warm otherwise you are just another climate hypocrite.

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