September 24th, 2020

PM should be talking to Kenney

By Letter to the Editor on November 1, 2019.

To be a significant Canadian, you need to live in Ontario and, yes, Quebec. Heaven help us, don’t forget what Quebec does for Canada’s image and status! What would Canada do without it? Well, ransom wouldn’t be freely paid from federal coffers.

We should be grateful here in Alberta. “To give is better than to receive,” right?

It doesn’t matter how corrupt Justin Trudeau is, votes were easily bought in Quebec and Ontario through that French aristocratic connection, eastern media groups, and by keeping the economy (Alberta) in the tank, the dollar low, to aid eastern manufacturing. The squeaky wheel from Quebec controlled the election. Almost $13 billion of campaign promises bought lots of votes. Aren’t we all happy campers?

Luckily, Trudeau sympathizes with Albertans! Isn’t he such a good old boy?

But, should he be bypassing the premier to consult with like-minded mayors?

Mayors don’t represent Albertans. Jason Kenney does.

Stan Ulrich

Cardston, Alta.

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