February 19th, 2020

We have a right to clear answers from councillors, bureaucrats

By Letter to the Editor on September 7, 2019.

Re: “There is no bliss in civic ignorance,” Aug. 28

Wow. That was my initial response after reading former city councillor Les Pearson’s letter to the editor. And while his letter addressed many concerns shared by worried taxpayers like myself it left me with several unanswered questions about his timing.

I’m almost certain the outlook for our natural gas business hasn’t changed dramatically since the price tanked in 2008. So why wasn’t Mr. Pearson advocating for the sale of that business during his two terms on council? Wouldn’t that have been the time to be a leader on this and the other issues he put forth in his letter? Or was it too politically risky for him to do so? If it’s too politically risky then what is the point of having elected councillors? After all, if a city councillor can’t get answers to the concerns he put forth in his letter, what chance do ordinary citizens like myself have?

We have a right to clear and concise answers from our city councillors and bureaucrats. Pearson is correct in his assertion that we do just that and remain vigilant, even if getting the answers and information is difficult. Complacency hasn’t gotten us very far to date after all.

Mark Oxamitny

Medicine Hat

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