May 27th, 2020

Another outstanding event hosted by Medicine Hat

By Letter to the Editor on July 11, 2019.

The 55-plus Alberta Summer Games have come and gone and the community needs to stand tall in their commitment to the event. The business and the corporate community, the planning organization, the chairs of the various events and the amazing volunteers made it an outstanding success.

Volunteers in Medicine Hat and those who help in carrying it out are proud to boast about the community’s assets, and, hopefully, many people will return someday to visit and enjoy the amenities they missed. The print and electronic media, as well, are very supportive of events coming to the city and need our thanks and appreciation.

We have received many compliments about the food served by Shooting Star Events, for the courtesy extended by the volunteer drivers and the general hospitality shown to the visitors. The economic impact will be slightly more than $1 million brought about by hotel/motel accommodations, restaurants, service stations and retail outlets. An event such as this is worth thousands in promotional dollars and goes a long way for people of the province to see what a gem we have in the city and southeastern Alberta.

Medicine Hat, we thank you.

Ken Sauer

Medicine Hat

(The writer is vice chair and director of administration)

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