August 26th, 2019

Reader found ‘high level of prejudice’ in letter

By Letter to the Editor on June 13, 2019.

Re: “Public-private economic split evident among Alberta voters, Leath Johnston,” May 29

I found Leath Johnston’s recent letter to the editor very educational, not previously having realized it’s possible to possess broad knowledge on a variety of relevant political and socioeconomic topics while exhibiting a high level of prejudice. Thank you, Mr. Johnston, for that valuable insight.

Clearly the majority of Albertans identified in part or in whole with the UCP this election, though it’s arguable that, as Johnston puts it, this is primarily due to the difference between our economical beliefs regarding public and private enterprise. Johnston is, after all, the same individual who has previously written, “I want to fight against the forces of progressive leftist evil. I suppose we could do nothing but then evil wins.”

While otherwise coming across once again as well-informed but nonsensical, Johnston does have a valid point in the latest submission, and that is when he wrote that, “the ever-growing, abusive, insatiable thirst for tax money by any government is counter productive and destructive.” Perhaps this is why the newly elected government is so keen to eliminate certain taxes altogether, but I’ll leave that defence for Johnston. Based on past practice, I’m sure we can anticipate one within the next few days.

Michael Plait

Medicine Hat

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