May 27th, 2020

Letter painted a disgusting picture

By Letter to the Editor on May 15, 2019.

Re: “City council is standing up for Alberta,” May 11

Mr. MacLaren’s letter in Saturday’s News painted a disgusting picture of Albertans. The decision by our city council to boycott the FCM conference is also a disgusting picture. It looks like the pouting, spoiled kid who says, “I’m going home cause you guys don’t play fair.” Tom Rooke’s letter “‘Spoiled child attitude’ reflects across country” in the same issue is right on the mark.

And please Mr. MacLaren, don’t say the vast majority of our city. I can’t believe the vast majority agree with this self-centered attitude or the advice you give that we should be punching people in the nose. That is also the “spoiled child” approach which we are trying to teach our kids to avoid and get the bully to correct his behaviour.

Our city council has truly disappointed me and at least eight friends with whom I’ve discussed this recently. The sad part about it is we will have no representation and if there are any comments made they will likely be, “oh, that’s too bad no one showed up from Medicine Hat.” And that will be all that’s likely to be said.

Thank you to Cypress Countycouncilor Robin Kurpjuweit for attending the conference.

I am also disappointed to read Gillian Slade’s editorial (“Actions speak louder than words,” May 10) supporting the boycott.

My hope is that when the pipeline is approved, Albertans will recognize that Rachel Notley did a lot of groundwork to get us there, be thankful and stop whining.

I cannot see how avoiding discussion helps any situation.

Evelyn Kleis

Medicine Hat

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