January 17th, 2020

Strategic planning in Kenney’s cabinet picks

By Letter to the Editor on May 14, 2019.

Re: “Kenney’s cabinet picks went in wrong direction for south’s UCP supporters,” May 4

While I agree with Mr. Dahlman on his remarks that southeast Alberta will now be the “forgotten region,” it also seems there was a fair amount of strategic planning that went into selecting the members of the UCP’s cabinet.

Four of the ministers are or were lawyers, many of them are business owners or co-owners, and a lesser number have a significant amount of practical experience related to their ministerial posting.

Though it is certainly upsetting to see that there is no assignment for either Cypress-Medicine Hat’s Drew Barnes or Brooks-Medicine Hat’s Michaela Glasgo, Barnes was offered a non-cabinet position. Given the contingent of others with much more noticeable education that have been hand-picked for the UCP’s top roles, perhaps it was a mistake to have turned it down.

Michael Plait

Medicine Hat

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