November 21st, 2019

Notley’s heritage: Wage hike hurt small business

By Letter to the Editor on April 18, 2019.

Sadly the real truth about this Alberta election is that ex-premier Rachel Notley stole the last election by promising to raise the minimum wage to $15 and hour, a hike of 50 per cent in only five years, and the 18-to-30-year olds turned out in droves and won her the election! This time around those people never showed up!

Sadly she left thousands of small businesses dead or dying in her wake. This is her heritage!

Robert Wallace

Medicine Hat

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11 Responses to “Notley’s heritage: Wage hike hurt small business”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    The only sane Albertans appear to live in Edmonton. All the rest have told Kenney we don’t want our oil wealth, so give it away, with massive tax breaks to your rich friends, while Norway and Alaska keeps building up their huge savings accounts for their children’s future. We don’t care about global warming go a head and continue to pollute the provinces of Alberta, Sask., and Manitoba we don’t care that our children will face massive lawsuits.

    Because he won’t have the money to run this province properly how many more Doctors, Nurses and Teachers will be run out of the province? How many seniors are going to be put into financial ruin? Because Klein refused to build additional long term health care beds creating a massive shortage in the province our family was forced to use a private -for -profit one at a cost of $10,600. per month. Yes per month. How many of these seniors that supported Kenney will find themselves in the same mess, and how many of these seniors are going to be able to afford his privatized health care, his toll roads he’s talking about, his privatization of the Treasure Branches?

    I’m betting that if Scheer gets elected in Ottawa, thanks to what Trudeau has done there, we will see our Public Health Care System gone because that’s what Reformers are all about.

    This election reminded me of 1997, while on vacation. I met a retired Exxon employee from Texas, who had worked in Calgary for Imperial oil for eight years. He told me that he thought Albertans were the dumbest people on the planet for letting the Klein government give away your oil wealth. Don’t you people realize it’s non-renewable he stated. He went on to say “Where in the modern world would the people be so stupid they would let their government take three hospitals away from them , putting peoples lives at risk, then reward them in the next election with a bigger majority. My wife and I couldn’t get out of Calgary fast enough, we didn’t fit in , we weren’t dumb enough.

    I think that’s my B.C. relatives I hear laughing at how stupid Albertans are. While they pay a Carbon Tax, sales tax, monthly health care premiums, and pay $1.67 per litre at the pumps you don’t hear them whining about how hard done by they are while they live in the best run province in Canada and don’t let their government give away their oil royalties and huge tax breaks for their rich friends, do you?

    • yomouse says:

      Hey Al, election is over, go crawl back under your rock in Edmonton and make up some more fairy tales of who you met and who you know about this and that or whatever you need at the time to berate and call down this province’s people. Trust me, nobody cares what you think.

  2. Maurice Shabatsky says:

    yomouse, why do clueless blowhards like you think they speak for everyone.

    • yomouse says:

      Not everyone I guess, how about 70%? Tall Tale Al gets the same reaction in every paper that he trolls with his cut and paste broken record cast of characters to bash seniors and his general intolerance of anyone with a differing opinion, you know, kinda like yourself. You lefties are a joke..People are getting sick of clowns on the left, one just has to look south to see the lefts “great new hopes” speaking of clueless blowhards. No wonder right wing parties are making a comeback worldwide, not just in Canada.

      • Maurice Shabatsky says:

        Sorry to disappoint amigo but I’m not “a leftie”.
        Don’t consider myself “a rightie” either.
        What I am is smart enough to know that your pudgy hero and momma’s boy Jason, who spent a decade in Ottawa, in power, did absolutely nothing for Alberta.
        Yomouse, you and Alberta just got scammed by one of Canada’s most prolific opportunists.
        Can the claptrap of “left and right”.
        Those terms mean nothing.

  3. Fedup Conservative says:

    Wait until you see what it’s going to cost you to watch while Kenney gives away your royalties and increases tax breaks for his rich friends. Have you been to Norway and Alaska and talked to the people about what their oil riches are doing for them , I have?

  4. yomouse says:

    Good grief, listen to you two. I didn’t vote for the UCP, also couldn’t bring myself to vote NDP either, and I’m a government worker. How did you guys manage to sleep the last couple of days with all the ” tanks rumbling through the streets”? Norway and Alaska don’t have governments that are anti-oil and have no problems getting their product to tidewater like our pathetic “fellow” Canadians. Why don’t you guys spend some time calling out our great leader in Ottawa right now over his scandals? Maurice, if you don’t think politics have been split between “left or right” you are more clueless than I originally thought.

  5. Fedup Conservative says:

    I wonder what planet yomouse was living on when Ralph Klein put this province in financial ruin by giving away billions in royalties and tax breaks to his rich friends while putting thousands of Albertans out of work, and that’s the problem. Now we have another Liberal, turned Reformer, never was a true conservative , just like Klein in Jason Kenney who is promising to make things even worse and apparently yomouse isn’t smart enough to understand it or doesn’t care, we do. I will never forget the nurses bawling their eyes out in my office when Klein destroyed their careers, or the doctor who told me he had six patients who needed to be in a hospital and he couldn’t even get one of them in because of what Klein had done. I helped nine doctors and at least two dozen nurses relocate out of this province and not one wanted to go. My own father came within two hours of dying because of Klein’s massive health care cuts. Then there was the six young teachers we knew who all lost their jobs because of Klein. While this was happening lawyers, accountants, oilmen, bankers and former MLAs were telling us that none of this was necessary if Klein hadn’t destroyed Lougheed’s Royalty and Tax structures. Then there was Klein’s father Phil bashing him on television in Edmonton. He was furious with what his son was doing to this province, while many of our fellow seniors had nothing but praise for what Klein was doing and now they have told their Liberal friend Kenney to go right a head and do it again.

    It’s not hard to understand why American oilmen working in Alberta call us the dumbest people on the planet, we have earned it. I can image the whining and crying that going to be going on when these Jenney -lovers realize what they have done. People in Ontario are already bashing Kenney’s friend Ford over what he’s doing to them. Hope Kenney’s friends have a lot of money they are certainly going to need it.

  6. yomouse says:

    I get it Al, you get paid by the word, the same words you’ve been regurgitating for how many years now? Since you delivered Ralph as a baby, or the last time you were in Norway making oil policies with whoever or moving unemployed nurses and doctors out of Alberta, or curing ebola in Liberia that Klein’s cut to this or that caused? You sound like a bitter old man that yearns for the olden days and I’m thinking you might even have a touch of dementia. What else explains the same diatribe you post week in and week out in every paper in Alberta almost word for word for years on end? That or you’re just a troll. I await your response about how stupid I am, that I don’t know this or don’t know that.

  7. Fedup Conservative says:

    I am a bitter old man. What part of watching Klein almost kill my father with his health care cuts aren’t you smart enough to understand? The very same Ralph Klein our family had known since the early 1960s and knew what a jerk he was, even his own family didn’t support him as premier.. Where were you when the nurses were bawling their eyes out in my office when Klein deliberately destroyed their careers. I bet you aren’t even aware that we lost 14,783 people out of our health care system and have never fully recovered from the mess he created. Where were you when families were suing Klein over the death of family members attributed to his health care cuts? One guy told me his uncle was one of the ones who died, His family sued Klein, it was settled out of court, behind closed doors, under a gag order, so Albertans couldn’t find what it had cost them and they weren’t allowed to tell him what they got. It was lots he stated. They went from dirt poor farmers to Beverly Hillbilly Types.

    Now Albertans have told Kenney to go right a head and do it all again, we don’t care what you do to our children’s future, give away our oil wealth, who cares if other oil rich areas are building up huge savings accounts for their children, we don’t give a damn about trying to do something about global warming let our children deal with it, and let them deal with the Orphan Wells that Klein dumped on them that I was involved with. Then there is the story people from Fort MacMurray are pointing out. , but I doubt you care. Under the Lougheed and Getty governments there were funds being provided to build and maintain a fire break around the city to protect the people. The Klein government eliminated this funding and the fire break was allowed to disappear and I think you know what happened. A nine billion dollar disaster that will take years to recover from.

    As my friends were saying at coffee the other day I wonder how long it will be before we hear the whining and complaining from our fellow seniors when they finally wake up and realize what they voted themselves into.

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