June 26th, 2019

Politicians are like weathermen; we listen but don’t believe them

By Letter to the Editor on April 15, 2019.

So while the children are squabbling over who gets to run Alberta, our infamous Senate has decided to dump the Phoenix payroll system and handle their own payroll with ADP. Typical Ottawa: Screw the employees, we come first.

This behavior is becoming the norm for any politician of any stripe. They show up once every four to five years with their hand out looking for money and votes. Then they disappear to do “government work” and represent the party line to the local unwashed indifferent masses who are expected to have short memories and not remember election promises.

Politicians are like the weathermen – everyone listens but no one believes them and then we wonder why we wind up with legal drug dens downtown or convicted terrorists get $10.5 million and a shortened sentence.

Ian Parkinson

Medicine Hat

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