June 26th, 2019

Conservatives don’t have the magic formula

By Letter to the Editor on April 13, 2019.

Another provincial election is upon us. Any person who thinks we’ll elect a government that every Albertan will approve of is living in La-La Land.

Peter Lougheed, in my opinion, was the most principled visionary, with what appeared to be an honest desire to allow all Albertans – not just the well-connected and “elite” – to a secure, financial future. He was the best Conservative leader Alberta is likely to see in the foreseeable future. He established the Heritage Fund which, if kept up and built upon, would have made Alberta the most prosperous province in Canada.

Lougheed was not perfect, nor was he a god, but he did a great deal of good during his time in office. Each successive Conservative government has chipped away at the legacy he left. There have been excessive wage increases for MLAs, excessive spending and entitlements that mystify logic. Today’s Conservatives are more interested in convincing everyone that they have a magic formula that eludes others.

Free market economy, trickle down principles and balancing the budget at any cost will, of necessity, mean severe cuts to services. A reversal of the huge wage increases, prudent spending and good common sense could achieve the same results without the inevitable pain to ordinary citizens.

Walter Korzynowski

Medicine Hat

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One Response to “Conservatives don’t have the magic formula”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Great comments Walter. The problem is we no longer have conservatives , as we knew them, they are Reformers and they are all about helping themselves and their rich friends get a lot richer at our expense.

    Just look at what Kenney is promising (1) no increase in royalties for his rich friends.
    (2) will slash taxes for his rich friends from 12% to 8%, and to make up for this revenue cutting stupidity he will force Albertans into paying a lot more for their health care with his American style health care system, and as doctors point out it will benefit his rich friends by giving them first priority to our health care system and create a nightmare for the rest of us. It’s all about looking after himself and his rich friends.

    In addition he will collect funds by selling off parcels of public land, treasury Branches and who knows how many hospitals, like Klein did.

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