June 26th, 2019

Difficult to believe the many promises of professional politicians

By Letter to the Editor on April 12, 2019.

Professional politicians must have attended some schools of acting or the secrets of successful lying or exaggerations when attempting to win some office or another, training to act as if they actually felt and believed what they loudly proclaim, are sincerely impassioned or outraged, saddened or totally contemptuous of their opponents.

That often even seems to be the case with amateurs desiring one’s vote. The new found friendliness, abilities to smile, laugh and converse quite amicably with potential voters when in the past – where one had occasion for some contact or passing them while running or some business dealings – they often acted with utter contempt, disregard for any rules of courtesy. In other words knowing how to convert and convince and totally fool too many of today’s potential voters.

Of course, there are individuals/candidates sincerely believing and passionate about issues they would like to have addressed, if they should be successful in their endeavours. Unfortunately there are many others that are only interested in what they could gain for themselves, who are sometimes so gullible and anxious to win they are quite happy to accept some obvious exaggeration.

There are, again unfortunately, those who just love to portray the “evils of socialism’ “fully aware that there is socialism and there is socialism. The first is the extreme so-called socialism as had been in control of the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” – the Marxist slogan – actually referring to itself as the German Democratic Republic. And then there is Venezuala, also referring to the still somehow surviving regime as socialism. It would scare the dickens out of sensible people if they chose to refer to themselves as any kind of communist dictatorship. The latter philosophy of socialism is the one usually in power in countries like Denmark and Sweden, often also in Germany, correctly calling themselves Social Democrats.

Alberta’s NDP government is perhaps a bit too far left leaning, but generally genuinely concerned with the welfare of all Albertans.

There should be an organization like the fact finders that diligently endeavours to spot and correct all of Mr. Trump’s exaggerations and lies, not not only in Alberta, but also federally. It should be fully funded legally and constitutionally, totally non-partisan.

I’m always quite amazed at the folks who cheer and clap loudly at some of the latest political rallies here in the Hat and elsewhere in the province. They remind me of those frequent rallies that narcissistic Trump is so fond of, the contingent behind him clapping and shouting approvingly at every everything Trump claims as the truth.

Hasn’t anyone ever read that story in some newspaper of some years ago where a group of Ontarians actually tried to sue the party in power for broken promises. The judge threw the case out on the grounds that anyone who still believes the many promises by professional politicians should perhaps practice reality checks more often.

But that was some years ago, and it proves that history does repeat itself sooner or later.

Ted Kohlmetz

Medicine Hat

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