July 16th, 2019

Some are seeking political power at any cost

By Letter to the Editor on February 9, 2019.

Re: “Fundamentalists and politics don’t mix,” Feb. 4

Please, Mr. Lewis, don’t lose any more sleep over your fear of Christianity taking over the political agendas in the Brooks-Medicine Hat and Cypress-Medicine Hat ridings in our upcoming provincial election.

Have Michaela Glasgo or Drew Barnes frightened you with professions of allegiance to Jesus Christ? You see, Fred, attending a church building on a Sunday morning doesn’t make you Born Again of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. You also shouldn’t worry that federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is not “just a Sunday Catholic.” It’s not a problem. Rest assured, Catholicism is not Christianity.

None of your concerns will be of importance in either the upcoming provincial or federal elections. Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer will not be seeking to please Jesus Christ. Let’s face it; neither will oppose abortion, sodomy, same-sex marriage, euthanasia or any other unrighteousness in Medicine Hat, Alberta or our Dominion. They’ll be too busy for that. They are not seeking to follow Jesus Christ. They are seeking political power at any cost. That’s why our world is currently in such a mess.

John Stanley

Medicine Hat

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