July 16th, 2019

Manipulation in Ottawa

By Letter to the Editor on February 9, 2019.

Good grief the constant political manipulation by the top four to five levels of the federal government public servants just continues to grow and fester like an untreated wound. The Liberals have decided to spend $7 million of our money teaching the unwashed masses how to identify “fake news.” Conservative, NDP, or other people’s news not Liberal news it is real, see we said so.

Then, to make matters worse, these same Liberal biased mandarins are going to oversee the election process to ensure of no outside interference, there is no word on what that will cost us.

Let’s not forget Vice Admiral Norman thrown under the bus by these same hallway lurking assassins for speaking out about federal Liberal corruption. The only thing fake around here is the speaker in front of the microphone. Where are our elected representatives who are supposed to watching out for us? Heaven forbid Trudeau senior was right when he called the opposition “nobodies” 50 feet from Parliament Hill? Has the disease spread throughout Ottawa?

Ian Parkinson

Medicine Hat

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