June 26th, 2019

No, civility is not dead

By Letter to the Editor on January 11, 2019.

Re: “Death of civility,” Dec. 22

It’s been said that you can’t keep a good man or woman down. It seems you can’t keep Peter Mueller down either. In a recent column Mueller again scolds us for common sense and our deliberate hold on truth, tradition and reality.

Are we truly free to disagree anymore in this country, Mr. Mueller? It would seem hate speech laws, political correctness and our PM’s obsession with inventing new terms say otherwise.

How can we have a true, real, meaningful discussion about anything within a box, outside of which we dare not stray for fear of causing — gasp — offence? I’m offended daily but a person has to roll with it or they’ll drive themselves crazy.

Mueller mentions rule of law, protection of individual rights and freedoms, protection of private property and an informed, free press all as cornerstones of a liberal democracy. Mueller is right, they are.

Can you not see all the above is under assault from the governments in Ottawa and Edmonton? Yes, “impatient, dangerous forces are at work constantly, muddying waters — for their own purpose.” Unfortunately Mueller seems content to support them.

I’m glad Mueller had fun at the Bob Wanner party and happy everyone got along. Face to face at least, civility seems alive and well, by Mueller’s own account. Don’t let the braying, anonymous hounds of Ticked Off and Tickled Pink get your goat. People who shoot from cover have no belief in themselves; in my experience they are sad and lonely.

As misguided as Mueller is, at least he has spine enough to not lay down and go away. I admire that.

Mueller mentions federal Tory leader Andrew Scheer and the UN migration pact. He may be comforted to know a Scheer government would not tear up the pact. As it is a non-binding pact, a Scheer government would just not follow through and comply, I’m told.

Sounds to me like there’s a loaded .303 behind the kitchen door, but we never, ever intend to use it, we promise.

I ask Mr. Mueller, respectfully and civilly, for a third time in public, to have coffee with me. My treat. I don’t expect to change his mind but I can at least prove to him civility is not dead. The editor of this page has my contact info.

Leath Johnston

Medicine Hat

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