June 13th, 2024

Kenney on path to leading Alberta

By Letter to the Editor on August 21, 2018.

Re: Kenney’s approach will weaken UCP and strengthen Fildebrandt’s new FCP,” Aug. 6

I take offence to some statements by guest columnist John Stanley.

Stanley has asked “Where does Jason Kenney stand?” The answer is very clear. He is working toward leading the UCP to forming the next Alberta government. He would indeed be foolish to accept a running mate who posted a letter condemning a minority. No matter what the reason given for this public letter it could be used against the UCP by the opposition during the campaign.

Also, by committing more than one crime and then lying about them while a sitting member of the legislature hardly shows integrity on the part of Mr. Fildebrandt.

These two men are perfectly capable of running as Independents and voting any way they wish if elected. I see absolutely no reason why anyone would question the religious affiliation of Jason Kenney over this decision.

Mr. Stanley taking a swipe at the United Church for no reason has nothing to do with any political party. Perhaps future writings by Mr. Stanley should appear on the religious page.

Ella Nelson

Burdett, Alta.

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