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International university students reduce chances for Canadians

By Letter to the Editor on August 20, 2018.

The recent Saudi-Canada confrontation has exposed information I find very interesting. It helps answer a few questions I have had on university admissions. Parents who have high school grads who will not or could not get admission to the school/faculty of their choice and were met with significant competition will be interested as well.

According to the national news there are more than 10,000 Saudi Arabian students taking up positions in our training medical schools. That makes 10,000 spots not available for our own Canadian citizens. My family has had experience in this area.

But guess what? This is only one country’s students. Add in those from China, other Middle East countries, Europe, etc. You get the picture. How many in total are there that take Canadian spots in our higher learning centres? Spots from your kids, your friends, your neighbours. It is true that these foreign students pay higher tuition fees and they should. That is, of course, the government’s excuse for limiting Canadian’s choices.

Their parents worked and paid taxes for years.

Speaking on behalf of the medical students, I am aware of Canadian medical doctor grads who can not get a spot for internships or residency for specialty training. If this makes any sense to our politicians then it certainly does not to us parents and taxpayers. And especially when those same people brag that they are doing their utmost to financially support our centres of learning.

Two problems here: 1. Positions sold to foreigners limits our own kids; 2. The government/politicians need not take credit for funding the underfunded institutions of higher learning.

At what point does the powers that be serve the Canadian people first and come up with the proper funding for these centres?

Dale Lintott

Medicine Hat

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