June 12th, 2024

Liberals not putting the safety of Canadians first with firearms legislation

By Letter to the Editor on August 10, 2018.

Canada’s Conservatives believe the safety of Canadians should be the No. 1 priority of any government. In light of Statistics Canada’s recently released 2017 crime report, it is evident that too little is being done to keep Canadians safe. Conservatives are troubled by growing crime rates and a government that puts the rights of criminals ahead of the rights of law-abiding Canadians and victims.

Too many families in both rural and urban communities live with the terrible impacts of crime. It is time for the Liberals to focus on real measures to prevent and deter gun violence in both urban and rural communities.

This past year, the Trudeau Liberals introduced new firearms legislation. Instead of targeting violent gang crime in cities or the huge jump in rural crime rates, the Liberals’ new law goes after firearms owners who already follow the law.

Despite the fact that more than half of the homicides committed with a firearm in Canada are gang-related, the Liberals are proposing legislation to reduce sentences for gang crime to as little as a fine.

The Liberals have failed to show they’re serious about cracking down on gun violence and escalating crime rates. They simply can’t be trusted with firearms legislation.

Conservatives are ready to support concrete actions to keep Canadians safe and focus our efforts on eliminating the criminal element behind firearms violence, instead of targeting law-abiding firearms owners. This is a common-sense approach that will help improve community safety.

Canadians deserve to feel safe in their communities. Canada’s Conservatives are the only party that will take action to keep Canadians safe.

Glen Motz

Medicine Hat

(The writer is Member of Parliament for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner)

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