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Pros and cons to the arrival of Aurora Sun in Medicine Hat

By Letter to the Editor on July 18, 2018.

I am writing concerning the new Aurora Sun facility. I believe this company could benefit our city yet if there are no restrictions, it could also worsen our city.

Our city has had a shortage of jobs since the oil and gas crisis and bringing in this business could help fix that. Bringing in the Aurora Cannabis company will restore our city’s jobs and supply medical marijuana to those in need. By bringing in a business like this to Medicine Hat, we are taking a big step as a city yet I also think as a community we need restrictions on who has access.

Bringing this company to our city will support many local families by providing jobs and will also help those who are in need of medical marijuana. I also have some questions about this. I am wondering what will be done about driving while high. The marijuana will be available to those in need of medical support but is it also available to others who use it recreationally? Are there going to be laws like the ones Calgary is getting in place? Will there be age restrictions so teenagers won’t have access?

This idea has a good outcome for our city yet could also cause many issues concerning the safety of our citizens. I think there should be laws and advertisements against high driving when this idea comes to our city to prevent accidents. I believe this idea is a big step for our community yet also needs restrictions.

Berlin Mastel

Medicine Hat

(This letter is part of a Grade 8 project at Crescent Heights High School directed by Mrs. M. Carlson.)

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