June 23rd, 2024

Police should make public cause of cycling collisions

By Letter to the Editor on June 25, 2018.

“Ignorance is bliss” — except in the case of cycling collisions.

For the sake of both auto drivers and cyclists, the police department has to begin informing the public of the circumstances that resulted in the collision — what was the cause of the collision. Accidents don’t just happened, they are caused.

If both drivers and cyclists are made aware of why a collision happened, they can adjust their bad habits on the roadways. No cyclist wants to be run over by an auto and no driver wants to kill a cyclist.

Many of us are both drivers and cyclists. It is paramount that in order to make the roads safer for both cyclists and drivers, the public be made aware of the cause of these ongoing collisions. We don’t need the names of those involved, just the cause. Hopefully, this enlightenment does not fall on deaf ears in the police department.

John MacLaren

Medicine Hat

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mr black
mr black
5 years ago

hi John, as a cyclist and automobile race car driver I sympathize with your plight. As far as the cause, well there are over 1,834,992,446 different causes of Auto and cycle accidents. Are you suggesting the police write out all 1,834,992,446 causes and then print out each and everyone?

Usually all accidents happen because there was a serious lapse in concentration or a lack of …

5 years ago

Don’t believe identifying the cause would have any impact. There are to many inattentive drivers and to many cyclists risking their lives believing they are being seen. This is the cause for most incidents. As a cyclist, I avoid major roads or anywhere I could be impeding traffic and feel safe at the same time.