June 22nd, 2024

Is law requiring youth to wear bike helmets still in existence?

By Letter to the Editor on June 25, 2018.

Perhaps someone in authority could enlighten me. Has the law regarding people under 18 wearing an approved cycle helmet been rescinded?

If it is still in effect why do I see so many kids in Redcliff without them? Maybe the RCMP should wait outside the four schools and when they spot one of these kids, stop them and confiscate the bike, informing them they can have it back when they attend the RCMP station with their parents (for a lecture on the law) and an approved helmet.

Peter Witts


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mr black
mr black
5 years ago

Better yet Peter, they should just shoot those little buggers when seen riding without a helmet. Just imagine those cocky little buggers, riding without a helmet? I’m sure the RCMP have nothing better to do anyways. Peter for citizen of the year!