June 23rd, 2024

When it comes to abortion, laws of the land are contrary to God’s law

By Letter to the Editor on June 22, 2018.

Re: “It’s hard to make any sense of some arguments,” May 19

As a sensible person, I along with millions of others fully support the reasons for being pro-life as opposed to pro-abortion. We believe human life is sacred from the womb to the tomb. We do not regard animal life in the same way but we do thank God for all His other creatures. Now, in the simplest of words, let me show you why induced abortion is wrong, is not health care, is harmful to both mother and the unborn life she carries as a result of her sexual activity. Having said that, occasionally there is a medical neccessity, such as a tubal pregnancy in which both lives are at risk.

For the baby whose heart has been beating from 28 days of conception it is a cruel death sentence. The procedure is done by sucking the little one out of the mother’s body. There is also a partial birth abortion which is too gruesome to describe here. Now you hopefully understand induced abortion is not a safe procedure for any unborn child, nor is it safe and simple for the mother; in fact it is extremely dangerous.

I don’t want to blame these women for their choice because they are lied to when told it is only a few cells and not a baby. Those who perform abortions don’t often let the mothers see the ultrasounds, so they are deceived.

It used to be that the aws of the land were moral, but today that’s no longer true. The laws of the land are contrary to God’s laws. The sixth Commandment declares “You shall do no murder!” We know that is right but by the current and previous government’s policies abortion is legal and a child can get one without their parents’ consent. Furthermore we all have to pay for these deadly and harmful procedures.

When a woman with an unwanted pregnancy is told “it’s not a baby” and our NDP and Liberal governments promote abortion she must think it’s OK.

Imagine a woman having to live with the realization that she killed her baby. If she had been warned would she have had an abortion?

Many experience mental health problems and depression as a result.

Pro-life people are compassionate and want what’s best for the mother and child. We are not condemning or seeking to embarrass them in any way. One more great reason we are pro-life is we grieve for those women whose cervix has been damaged as a result of abortion and consequently can’t carry their next baby to full-term and deliver pre-term. These children may face a lifetime of severe disabillities.

Anyone troubled by guilt from abortion may call me so I can help you find total forgiveness through the love of God in our Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins. My number is 403-487-1310.

The Rev. Canon Ivor Ottrey

Medicine Hat

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