June 22nd, 2024

Elated after wonderful MyMH session

By Letter to the Editor on June 18, 2018.

I wish to say a hearty thank you to each of the persons involved with the MyMH visioning and planning team.

I am feeling elated, thrilled and ever so optimistic after attending the visioning session June 12 at the Esplanade! A wonderful framework, display and visioning boards. I came with a long list of thoughts, ideas and inputs for a viable, sustainable, progressive and smart growth city plan for our city, and I will gladly share these ideas with the City of Medicine Hat both in the online survey as well as in an email.

Thank you to each person who was available to answer any questions regarding the potential plan and process, as well as engage fully in the potential and possibilities for Medicine Hat. I was grateful for the team members who are so exceptionally educated on the issues, progressive and forward thinking, many of you having visited, experienced and or lived in other cities and who genuinely care about the future of our beautiful city and community for each of us and for future generations of Hatters.

You are each a breath of fresh air. I am breathing with greater vigour and vitality today!

Again I say thank you

Betty Aitken

Medicine Hat

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