November 14th, 2018

Let City Hall know your weed displeasure

By Letter to the Editor on June 14, 2018.

Re: “Medicine Hat has a weed problem,” June 8

I agree wholeheartedly with Ken Pirie’s letter to the editor. I have been fighting with the Parks Department to clean up the weeds and overgrown trees and shrubs around the Northlands storm pond for years.

It is a weed-infested disgrace with overgrown underbrush and trees.

This particular pond is home to ducks and geese and numerous other species of birds. It is a popular spot for avid photographers and onlookers alike. The problem is that the surrounding pond is so overgrown with weeds and shrubs that the public cannot enjoy the everyday goings-on on the pond. There are also numerous school classes that come and study the pond, but it’s getting harder even to see that there is water in the pond.

The city wants to develop Brier Run with nice walking trails and ponds.

This picture already exists across Division Avenue at the Northlands storm pond only if the city would clean it up. Please take a long look at this and clean it up. For those of you that use and enjoy the trails and the pond and want to enjoy what goes on there, please make an effort to call City Hall and make your displeasure known.

Sergio Giurissevich

Medicine Hat

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One Response to “Let City Hall know your weed displeasure”

  1. asthecrowflies says:

    I could not disagree with you more.

    This pond is a lovely naturalized area where we are fortunate enough to enjoy the arrival of migrating birds every spring. If the city were to cave in to your demands ( which I am thrilled they have not), it would diminish much of the nesting areas these birds currently enjoy. I walk this area twice a day, content to hear the beautiful singing of these birds and if I happen to catch a glimpse of them through the brush, it’s a bonus. I do not feel their privacy should be invaded for my viewing pleasure.

    Additionally, it is worth pointing out, these birds have enough to deal with from natural predators such as coyotes, etc., the last thing they need is easier access for people to be stomping around. Nesting season is a very stressful time and I for one do not want to add to that stress. There have been instances where ground nesting birds have lost their eggs from kids breaking them and you think there should be more access?? Learn to enjoy this little piece of nature within the city just the way it is, because if you have your way, there will be no birds singing for the rest of us to enjoy.

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