December 18th, 2018

Support and acceptance found far and wide

By Letter to the Editor on June 12, 2018.

Re: “Local man claims he and other ‘Christians’ are being stifled by the library’s social media,” June 1

Mr. S. Johnston has had his two minutes of fame, though I am saddened it was at the expense of some people at the fine public institution whose only crime is social inclusion and acceptance. It’s a sad day for this city when a person like Mr. Johnston is given a platform to spread that kind of hatred.

Mr. Johnston also attacked a person he knows nothing about just for being different. I’ve survived 59 years of people like him, and now I’ve been reborn into the woman I was meant to be. I have been a woman this past year and I am damn proud to say so. I have been socially accepted by all I’ve talked to and worked with. I thank all those who have expressed support and encouragement for my long road ahead.

I’ve got news for Mr. Johnston and his like-minded followers: The LGBTQ+2 movement is alive and strong in this city and other cities across the country. The rainbow flag will fly high more and more as Pride is here to stay. Anyone who wants to learn more about my journey can reach me through the Human Library Book program at the library.

Karen D. LaHay

Medicine Hat

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