December 18th, 2018

Stopping Kinder Morgan

By Letter to the Editor on June 11, 2018.

Wow, we’ve been massively lied to and now get to pay for it in a big way!

A National Observer article titled “What’s Behind Kinder Morgan’s May 31 Ultimatum? Follow the Money” by Robyn Allan shows Kinder Morgan never had the money to build the pipeline. So now they’re trying to get out of their debt obligations and walk away with a pile of public money in their pockets, money earmarked for your pension, healthcare, and other social services. Since Kinder Morgan hired executives from Enron this shouldn’t be surprising. Oh yes, at one point they asked to use the Canada Pension Fund to finance its projects. Welcome back Enron.

With a $5.5 billion bank loan agreement Kinder Morgan only gets out of defaulting on its payments if circumstances beyond its control stop the project.

Circumstances like opposition to the pipeline.

Is it possible that Kinder Morgan engineered the opposition because they could never finish the pipeline and would be deeply in debt? Maybe. This way they walk away scot free with a pile of our money in their pockets without doing anything but lie.

This has been ongoing since Harper so who’s knowingly involved in this scam? Ask yourself that.

So what can we do to stop Kinder Morgan’s theft? Easy. Block the bailout, drop them into receivership, and pick up their assets for a song. We keep our money and the government gets the pipeline.

Simple, isn’t it?

Keith Guthmiller

Medicine Hat

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