November 17th, 2018

Ottawa used the power it had on pipeline file

By Letter to the Editor on June 5, 2018.

Re: “Nothing has changed; Trans Mountain project will continue to drag on,” May 26

The headline to Gillian Slade’s editorial says it all and proves she is wrong. The key word is “continue.” The Trans Mountain project was about to end and now the federal government has ensured that it will continue. Gillian wrote: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has the power to solve the crisis. He could take a stand and enforce the building of the pipeline.” How? By waiving his magic wand?

The B.C. court challenges are wrong in law but they will have to play out. They are nothing but a nuisance and delaying tactic but a tactic that free enterprise investors have no stomach to persevere with. With ownership by the people of Canada, construction can continue while court challenges and protests rage on. The prime minister has always said that this pipeline will be built and the federal government has used the power available to it to ensure that will happen. Yes, everything has changed, even the prospect of building an eastern pipeline. Success begets success.

Bill Cocks

Medicine Hat

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One Response to “Ottawa used the power it had on pipeline file”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Bill has nailed it. While Jason Kenney and his ignorant supporters whine and complain about not getting this pipeline built these lawsuits have to be played out , as Bill suggests. I just spent a week in B.C. and got the feeling from comments on their TV news channels most people want it built, and when you look at the small groups of people who are demonstrating against building it , it is a very small portion of the population, and it will get built.

    It’s no different than the ignorant comments we keep hearing in Alberta about the Carbon Tax. While a small portion the public have been led to believe that it’s going to financially destroy us, it’s a well known fact that it works, and it’s only our fellow seniors we hear whining about it.

    A quick calculation of my gas and power bills shows that the fees added to our bills thanks to Klein’s deregulation has cost us about $17,000. but you don’t hear them whining about that.

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