August 16th, 2018

Let’s get all the data out to the public

By Letter to the Editor on May 17, 2018.

Re: “Data doesn’t support Kenney,” May 16

Mr. Hoffman presents a lot of data points in his letter, but omits one key piece.

We live in a sparsely populated, giant country mostly covered by forests. The rest is grasslands or grain. How much carbon does this oversized sink swallow versus how much we emit?

I don’t have the answer. Maybe Mr. Hoffman does, and isn’t telling.

Let’s present all of the data, and let Albertans decide.

Ryan Landreville

Medicine Hat

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One Response to “Let’s get all the data out to the public”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Gee Ryan Maybe if you had been paying attention you wouldn’t need to write your ridiculous comments. Why do you think Peter Lougheed was urging the Klein and Stelmach governments to slow down growth of the oilsands and get control of our pollution? Why do you think the oilmen in the Edmonton area have been warning us about massive lawsuits for our children to face if we don’t and why do you think so many articles have been written about it?

    The internet is full of information if you had bothered to check.

    “Alberta oilsands industry is a huge source of harmful air pollution study says” the oilmen I talk to certainly know it.

    “By the numbers Canadian GHG emissions”

    “Crohn’s and Colitis in Alberta among highest in Country”

    “Canada’s dirty air: how pollution is hurting our health”

    “Asthma Alberta heath services”

    The list goes on and on . We have extremely high percentage of MS cases and those of us with Asthma know that by reducing flaring, like the oil industry did, the cases in children have greatly decreased, so why wouldn’t you want to reduce more of our pollution to protect our children and grandchildren’s future? Instead of letting politicians make fools of you by convincing you that we don’t need to, or that global warming is a hoax while we watch the billions of dollars in damage these storms are creating and the lives being lost. Just add up the fees you have been paying on your power and gas bills that you have been screwed out of after Klein told you that deregulation would make your power bills a lot cheap. We know what Kenney is promising to do to you and you had better not ignore it.

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