April 21st, 2019

Why are people blaming the NRA?

By Letter to the Editor on March 6, 2018.

With the editorial cartoon on March 2, I have to wonder what you are trying to blame the NRA for.

Having never heard an NRA official ever promote mass shootings, mass murder, etc., how is it that people blame the NRA for such goings on?

The NRA lobbies to protect Second Amendment rights, as granted to the American people by the constitution of the United States of America.

So, if the sniveling libertarians should get their way, Americans would lose that right (and they will never be happy until they have a complete ban on all weapons) without protection for the constitution, all rights are at risk.

Now, let’s look at the First Amendment, and talk about how it should be curtailed/removed from the constitution; after all, many media companies have been found printing/broadcasting fake/false/doctored news stories. As such stories can cause massive problems, why not take away that constitutional right?

After all, even if someone hasn’t committed a crime, there is no guarantee they won’t commit a crime. Say, let’s change our legal system to one where you are presumed guilty, until you can prove yourself innocent!

That sounds more like the system the libertarians would like to foist on us.

Pierre and Justin would love it!

R.W. Lowe

Redcliff, Alta.

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One Response to “Why are people blaming the NRA?”

  1. Maurice Shabatsky says:

    R.W. Lowe, you are one confused puppy.
    A ‘libertarian’ is not a ‘liberal’.
    Otherwise that’s one entertaining rant, given the second amendment in the US was written when the only weapons around were muskets and bayonets.

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