October 19th, 2018

Only one person can fix the world

By Letter to the Editor on March 2, 2018.

Peter Mueller’s crusade against Paul McLennan and Donald Trump has veered into dangerous new territory: God’s government and His Son, Jesus Christ’s Church. In his major change of course, Mueller will discover it is foolishness to equate Canadian and U.S. conservatives, operating in our dying so-called democracies, with the government of a Supreme and Sovereign God. For God is not a democrat, but a ruler of righteousness and absolute opposition to sin.

Mueller begins with Martin Luther’s 95-point criticism of the Roman Catholic Church in 1517. To infer an attack on the Papal sale of indulgences — to reduce one’s time in purgatory — somehow led us to our current western democracies is not just a stretch of history, but also a misinterpretation of the Church’s origin in Jerusalem. It is also wrong to attribute the “revolutionary idea” and “new concept” of the “priesthood of all believers” to Luther. It was written 1,500 years before the Reformation, in the Epistle to the Hebrews. The epistle was to the original Church at Jerusalem in the first century and recorded in the Book of Acts. It was not what we refer to today as the Roman Catholic Church. That came 300 years later with Emperor Constantine’s legalization of increasing “Churchianity” — as opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ — and all the other bells and whistles which put Catholic traditions ahead of Scripture and brought on Apostasy and the Reformation.

This Protestant Reformation was definitely not Mueller’s description of western culture’s first baby steps toward modern democracy. Luther was no democrat; He believed in God’s Supreme Sovereignty and the need to submit to His authority through the kings and leaders God ordained to be in power to serve His Perfect will. It might be wise to think of that (1 Timothy 2: 1-2) when some of us get upset with Trump. And, yes, God may well be using Trump to move His End Times agenda ahead.

Speaking of the end times, it is quite obvious to those of us who watch for the signs of Jesus Christ’s return, that the world is moving further and further away from our man-made ideas of democracy. A new world rrder is bringing increasing totalitarian regulations, deception and the doctrines of men. My native Britain is currently learning the harsh realities of getting into bed with the devil and the globalists behind the European Union and the coming one-world government. It has to come because the Bible tells us it will bring the antichrist and the final battle before Jesus Christ brings in the new heaven and Earth.

Unlike Mueller, I do not believe we can build a better world by electing politicians of the left or right. Like many born-again Christians, I am in a “post-politics mode.” I believe the problems out there in today’s world are so huge, there is only one person who can solve them: My Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

John Stanley

Medicine Hat

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