August 14th, 2018

A grumpy old man, but with a sense of humour

By Letter to the Editor on February 6, 2018.

Re: “Opinions are not facts,” Jan. 27

I always love it when Mr. Mueller responds to my columns because he invariably provides evidence to support the opinions I express.

I often say those on the left would much prefer to suppress rather than discuss, dare I say over coffee, opinions that they do not agree with. Calling people names is likely to start when they run out of valid or factual arguments to support their point of view. Mr. Mueller has no problem expressing the very hatred and disdain he claims to oppose, even though he does not know me or Donald Trump.

Some might argue that I am a grumpy old man but a least I have a sense of humour. The last line of my most recent column (So sorry, but I am not sorry) was designed to be humour. I guess it was too subtle for Mr. Mueller.

Paul McLennan

Medicine Hat

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