June 22nd, 2018

Nothing wrong with New Year’s Eve fireworks

By Letter to the Editor on January 12, 2018.

As a regular business visitor from Calgary to Medicine Hat for almost 24 years, I’ve always enjoyed your paper, especially Ticked Off and Tickled Pink. Love your beautiful city, too.

I have to laugh at most Ticked Off comments. You citizens have no idea on how good you have it here. I think we could all say we take things for granted.

However, one that kinda ticked me off was the citizen who wrote about some absolute idiot who lit off fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Really? What’s wrong with that? Would you prefer gunfire? After all, we do live in the Wild West.

How about the fact people are celebrating safely, at home I may add. Not driving in an unsafe manner. People love to celebrate. Just think of your last birthday or a special anniversary. There’s nothing wrong with a little fun on this journey from one year the next.

Karma to you !

K. Robert


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One Response to “Nothing wrong with New Year’s Eve fireworks”

  1. asthecrowflies says:

    Well Mr. Robert, I am the citizen you wrote the comment regarding the fireworks so allow me to respond.

    As often happens, the News saw fit to not publish my comment in its entirety. My reason for the comment is simple. New Years Eve was an exceptionally frigid night and as you may or may not know or care, birds roost in many coniferous trees in neighbourhoods, battling to survive the night. It’s been thought and reasonably so, that fireworks scare them and could cause panic. I feel it’s an unnecessary hardship to add to what is already a struggle to stay alive. The same could be said for deer, other wildlife and those unfortunate domestic animals cruelly left outside.

    It can also be mentioned that many dogs are deathly afraid of fireworks, ours is one, and it causes much distress.

    Of course I would not rather have gunfire…are these the choices?! People should be able to celebrate to their hearts content, but how about considering the critters we share the planet with, it’s not a hard thing to do.

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