July 18th, 2018

Evolution remains an unproved idea

By Letter to the Editor on November 20, 2017.

True science is not in conflict with the Bible. The Bible declares “Inthe beginning God spoke creation into being. An amazing claim but the God of the Bible is Almighty, all wise and present everywhere. The alternative is the idea of evolution that everything happened by chance, that life suddenly came to be and through billions of years from a simple cell evolved to where we are now all without God and without design.

First of all there is no such thing as a simple cell: Recent discoveries prove that even at the microscopic level, life has a quality of complexity that could not have come about through evolution. These cells have irreducible complexity which means if one part does not work the rest of it cannot.

Now regarding fossils: There has not been one case that can honestly show the development of one into another! On the other hand on Genesis Week,severalfossils which evolutionists claimed in one case was billions of years old, and a horseshoe crab, a dragonfly and a fish millions of years old and beside them were photos of all these creatures alive today revealing no evolution!

Now repeatedly in Genesis Chapter 1 we read “All these created creatures and trees, etc., were to reproduce after their own kind. And that is always what human beingshave seen and known.

Scientific observation agrees with the Word of God. All scientific discoveries are finding the wonders that God designed and created. Evolution is not science but unproved idea whereas the Bible is truth.

Rev. Canon Ivor Ottrey

Medicine Hat

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2 Responses to “Evolution remains an unproved idea”

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  2. surprisesaplenty says:

    “Now regarding fossils: There has not been one case that can honestly show the development of one into another!”

    Two big problems here. And they are big enough that the exclamation point appears silly.

    First, there is an excellent series of fossils showing the transitions from fish to terrestrial tetrapod, or amphibian. Tiktaalik is a great example of this but there are others with more or less of a fin or more or less of an arm.

    Second, the fossils do not show a total mixing of all forms of life. Trilobytes are never found with dinosaurs or humans for example. The Cambrian explosion does show some bony fish if you squint right but it is only after that that we find amphibians. After that we find dinosaurs and birds. Then we find mammals but no dinosaurs. And after that we find humans in the mix. This point also means that “Scientific observation agrees with the Word of God.” is wrong. Or at least it means your version of the Word of God is wrong; do note that many Christian leaders accept evolution and reject creationism.

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