March 5th, 2021

Bill 24: Appalled with Alberta NDP’s efforts ‘to fragment the family unit’

By Letter to the Editor on November 9, 2017.

For years I have resisted joining a political party. As a former principal, a father and now grandfather of children in this province I was dismayed at the direction the Department of Education was taking and its intrusion upon choices under the former government.

Now I am appalled and horrified at the NDP’s blatant efforts to fragment the family unit under the guise of protection of a select and privileged group of professional lobbyists. History reveals that the Nazis used this ploy, the communists used this ploy and now the Alberta NDP are using it to subvert the greater population to their brand of social engineering.

When you can isolate the youth of a country and destroy family unit values accompanied by state indoctrination in schools, you can pervert our young into accepting any philosophy.

Bill 10 was the thin edge of the wedge. Bill 24 (the gay-straight alliance bill) thrusts a dagger deep into the family culture we treasure in Alberta.

And while I want MLA Drew Barnes and his colleagues to do everything within their power to defeat this alarming bill, I think its passage will ring the death knell for the NDP government in the next election.

And while I think the legislature needs a strong opposition, my hope would be that the NDP will be reduced to no party or at least fourth party status in the next vote.

If someone as non-political (never a member of a political party) as I now consider joining a political party to work for the NDP defeat, my hope may become a reality.

Richard Dietrich

Medicine Hat

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Fedup Conservative
Fedup Conservative
3 years ago

I can’t find any reason why teachers should be forced to tattle to parents about their children’s sexuality. I can’t see how not doing so is going to fragment any family. In my world I would hope the parents would be smart enough to figure it out themselves. After all they spend more time with their children than the teachers do.

And we certainly don’t want these Reform Party Boys running the show in this province as they promise to make things a lot worse for our citizens.

3 years ago

Bill 24 has nothing to do with protecting children from having their ‘sexuality’ outed. That is a misdirect. No one has ever suggested that teachers out the students sexuality to parents. You need to read the actual Bill. Bill 24 is ENTIRELY about exposing your children to material that the government isn’t allowed to expose them to, and giving unprecedented authority to the government over children at the expense of the parents.
There is nothing loving about Bill 24. They have ignored experts warnings because they want ONLY their believes to be ingrained.

Fedup Conservative
Fedup Conservative
3 years ago

Thanks Jeremy for pointing that out, that’s not what we have been hearing in Edmonton, I will read it.

Fedup Conservative
Fedup Conservative
3 years ago

Maybe Richard and Jeremy should stop believing the lies these Reformers are feeding them. After talking to some people in Edmonton no one sees any reason why Bill 24 would fragment our families and apparently lawyers agree. I will protect the students.

For years we have had people tell us that they knew their child was gay, but said nothing to them, leaving it up to them to tell them in their own time and that’s the way it should be. They should not have to worry about teachers telling them something they already knew.

Don’t forget these are the same Reformers who told us Bill 6 would destroy all our family farms by making it impossible for family members to work on these farms. They ignored the fact that farmers had been requesting this protection from the Conservative governments for years and were denied and that it’s been in place in Saskatchewan since 1970 and working well.

They told us that converting our cheap coal fired power plants to natural gas one would financially destroy all of us, ignoring the fact that Klein’s deregulation had allowed the industry to gouge the people, charging them far more than what people were paying in other areas for natural gas produced power. They also ignore the fact that TranAlta jumped on board with the NDP government making these Reformers with egg on their face. As my late father, a Power Plant Engineer, said for years Natural Gas is a lot easier to handle, than messy coal, and you can produce a lot more power with it.

They told us that Notley and Trudeau had created the Carbon Tax to clean Albertans out of their money, ignoring the fact that it was the oil industry that created it and it’s been in place in B.C. since 2008, long before Notley and Trudeau were elected.

As Premier Ed Stelmach pointed out when he took over from Klein. While Klein was paying off the $23 billion debt he inherited from Getty he created a $42 billion one, which is easy to understand when you consider that they left us with a shortage of 55 schools in this province , many roads are in a terrible state of disrepair and we have a huge shortage of doctors, nurses, teachers and hospital beds.
Yet these Reformers claim we shouldn’t go further into debt to correct the mess they left us with , we should just learn to do without.

They don’t want to see an increase in royalties and taxes for their rich friends, they want us to forget what it was like under Lougheed when they were collecting proper royalties and taxes. And they don’t want us looking at what Norway and Alaska are accomplishing with their oil wealth.

They are also still using the Ralph Klein lie that Alberta is broke because we have had to send billions to Ottawa in equalization payments, when the Alberta Government has never paid a penny in equalization payments. It comes out of all our federal taxes and has nothing to do with provincial revenues.

These are the people who put this province in financial ruin, with their hero Ralph Klein destroying everything Lougheed stood for and you would have to be a damn fool to support them again.

3 years ago

Rather than just considering the plight of gay youth, I urge you to consider another affected at-risk population: autistic children. Many health professionals have been urging educators to properly screen all children identifying as transgender for autism, because of the high correlation being found between these two conditions. However, LGBT activists and provincial education ministries have been reluctant to mandate proper screening. One can only surmise that the risk of suicide for autistic children, (asperger’s youth have the same rate of suicide as gay youth) is not as important to the NDP.
Jason Kenney last March indicated that the biggest reason he favored notifying parents was the story of an autistic girl who was “transed” by school officials behind her parents back. This family now states that their daughter was becoming suicidal, and likely would have faced severe psychological trauma as a result of Bill 24. We have to consider the needs of all students, and notifying parents of children with disabilities about their children’s involvement only makes sense. Parents historically have provided the best care for children, and at-risk children with disabilities deserve to be protected from activism parading in GSA’s under the guise of protection.