August 14th, 2018

Fiscal conservatives haven’t had a voice in Alberta for 20 years

By Letter to the Editor on October 12, 2017.

Re: “Fiscal conservatives will be the downfall of ‘divided’ party and Notley’s New Democrats will win re-election,” Oct. 6

Mr. Egan has made up his mind, but is confused. Former prime minister Stephen Harper never actually included much for fiscal conservatives. The Flanagan doctrine he purported to follow featured measured incrementalism to get the budget under control. In reality, the government grew in size and programs grew. They were on track to actually slaying the deficit, but at an agonizingly slow schedule. Yes, they insisted on tight messaging, mostly to avoid the bozo eruptions we suffered in Alberta.

Provincially, our fiscal conservatives haven’t had a voice for nearly 20 years. All of the items Mr. Egan lists, besides blowing up hospitals, are examples of a lack of fiscal management. The truth is, growing budgets outpaced revenue. The solutions aren’t easy, but I suppose Mr. Egan favours higher taxes. The progressive conservatives were more progressive than conservative for most of the 40 years they were in power.

Oddly, Mr. Egan blames fiscal conservatives instead of the social conservative bogeyman that horrifies moderate voters, and freedom lovers like me. The Wildrose party came very close, twice, to holding power. Days before, in both elections, social conservative bozo eruptions drove people away. It’s always been a big tent, but then politics makes for strange bedfellows.

I suggest, politely, Mr. Egan, that social conservatives should do a little self reflection, figure out what doesn’t pass the smell test, and stop always surrounding yourself with people who agree with you.

Ryan Landreville

Medicine Hat

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