June 24th, 2018

No need for Canada to be divided into provinces

By Letter to the Editor on September 14, 2017.

Why is this country divided by man-made lines needing redundant provincial governing bodies?

Surely a national and municipal government with county representation would be able to manage and deliver on the needs of the people of Canada. When I take an eraser and eliminate borders on a map of Canada, nothing changes. By redrawing the lines, I only create provincial governments which require massive financing and a divided population who thinks of themselves as Albertans or Manitobans before they identify as Canadians.

Who thought this was a good idea? And can it be changed? Imagine: Three levels of government with their hands out telling you what you can or can’t do. I see the reasoning for a community tax for the betterment of the community and a national tax for the benefit of the nation but a provincial tax? What is the necessity of that? I have the same needs as a fisherman in Newfoundland or a farmer in Saskatchewan or a logger in B.C. Why do I need a line drawn on paper to tell me I’m different?

What is it that the provincial government provides me or them that a national government with regional representation cannot? Is it protection of resources (Canadian resources)? People management? Job protection? Unbalanced population? Regional pride?

I look forward to the day when passing Walsh I see a sign that reads “yep, still in Canada.” Think of the country as a house and the rooms as provinces. Do we really need a government in each room or just a representative? The challenge? Convince me I’m wrong!

Ken Arnott

Medicine Hat

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