June 23rd, 2018

Important to stay abreast of advancing science

By Letter to the Editor on September 7, 2017.

Re: “SD76 rejects petition for last time,” Aug. 15

On June 21, a spokesman for the Concerned Parents of SD76 declared in the News that “we’re not trying to impose our particular (Christian) values on all the other childrenÉ,” and that “a five-year-old is incapable of deciding his or her gender identity.”

Unfortunately, they impose their Christian values on their own children who may later in life experience intense, cruel and unnecessary emotional agony if they must reconcile their natural sexual identity with the one their parents erroneously believe is “normal.” It is much to the credit of secular schools, whose grip on reality is much firmer than anything religious, that they recognize these conflicts and make efforts to comfort those from the LBGT community who undergo this psychological torment.

Neuroscience, thanks in large part to functional magnetic resonance imaging, has made giant strides in the last few years revealing how the brain operates and shedding light on the relationship between the structure of the brain and the formation of personality. Of great interest is the mounting and compelling evidence that free will is largely an illusion. No one “decides” to be gay.

Inhabitants of planet Earth have a moral obligation to stay abreast of advancing science. Not only our happiness but our continued existence as a species may well depend on it.

Fred Lewis

Medicine Hat

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3 Responses to “Important to stay abreast of advancing science”

  1. RegenerationWay says:

    I do agree that we need to have a “moral obligation”. Probably best for you to watch the following you tube video and then make an “informed” comment. The video is called: “Paul Dirks on gay and transgender research- you tube.”

    • Lana says:

      Each individual has their own opinion on gay and transgender…Paul Dirks is just one of them.

      I agree that sexual based “clubs” should not be allowed in elementary school. I do not care what one parent “feels” like their child “feels” like. A child does not have the capacity to understand the boy/girl relationship until they are in an older grade. At this age, it is about a parent forcing a child to “allow” them choice…they are NOT allowing them a choice. The parent is forcing their belief that a child should be allowed to have a choice to be a boy or a girl. That child does not have the choice to chose as a parent will force the issue if they make the wrong choice.
      I personally have seen a woman coerce her son into wearing a dress because she wanted a daughter, so she now has a transgender child who will be confused for a very long time. There are these parents all over, saying that they want their child to have the “choice”. It isn’t about the child’s choice in elementary school age, it is about the parents choice at birth…they did not get what they wanted and now they have a way to get what they want.
      These “clubs” should not be allowed until Junior High/High School. At that age they can learn, choose and decide WITHOUT the parents on their backs telling them whether they should or should not be LGBTQ.

      • RegenerationWay says:

        Just to debunk your comment regarding Paul Dirks. He gave a presentation – not his own opinion. He gave statistical data from documented research, and he says so in the presentation. You are either deliberately deaf, or you are deliberately lying. Which is it?

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