June 25th, 2018

Rural Alberta voters should lose their right-wing-only attitude

By Letter to the Editor on September 1, 2017.

Re: “My MLA is a hypocritical floor-crosser,” Aug. 29

Darlene A. Dunlop certainly has it right and has said what people in the Edmonton area are saying. Vote out all these traitors.

But there is a lot more to it when you look at what they are promising to do to you and that’s why they don’t dare tell you what their policies are. They hope you will be dumb enough to elect them and then they will tell you when it’s too late.

The fact is they aren’t true conservatives, they are Reformers and as we all know the Reformers are all about less government and a lot more privatization, like we saw under Klein, Stelmach and Redford. They don’t care who gets hurt in the process and it will put a lot more seniors in financial ruin.

They have been promising the foreign investors they will continue to help them clean the Alberta people out of their oil wealth by not increasing royalties, or taxes. In other words they have no intention of getting us out of this financial mess they put us in.

They claim we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem, which is another lie while they ignore what the oil revenues are doing for Alaska and Norway and what we enjoyed under Peter Lougheed.

They claim they will fix our spending problem by cutting billions off government spending by dumping the cost of health care onto the backs of the people. Doctors state that it’s just another way for them to help their rich friends by giving them first priority to our health care system and creating a nightmare for the rest of us.

If that’s not bad enough they will kill health-care services in rural Alberta, putting peoples lives at risk. As doctors point out this system will create private for-profit hospitals and clinics in the cities and there is no way you will be able to keep doctors and nurses working in rural Alberta when they can make twice as much money working in the private facilities in the cities. It’s a no-brainer.

I think it’s time that rural Albertans got rid of their right-wing-only attitude, stopped believing the lies they are being fed, and join us true conservatives who voted in the NDP to put a stop to this Reform Party stupidity.

Alan Spiller


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