June 24th, 2018

NDP: Limited credibility on military matters

By Letter to the Editor on September 1, 2017.

Re: “MLA Report: There should be no support for Nazis or hate-mongers, Aug. 25

I have never met NDP MLA Bob Wanner, and I assume he is a fine man. However, I would like to take exception to his column

I might be wrong but I believe the father of the NDP, the CCF, opposed the war against the Nazis under Hitler. I also find it interesting because the Nazis were a socialist party; it was a part of their name.

Again, I may be wrong but I think the modern NDP has opposed any war against communist dictators and Islamic radicals anywhere in the world. I believe they are even against joining the North American missile defence system even today.

From what I see on the news, most riots and violent demonstrations seems to be from the left. Including their never-ending attempt to muzzle free speech at colleges and universities.

I certainly have no truck with racists of any colour, but I do take issue with the left in Alberta and Canada trying to stop any debate using the accusation of ‘racist’ against their opponents.

For the record, my father and my wife’s father spent six years of their life fighting the Nazis in the Canadian Army overseas. My mum and I were bombed out of our home by the Nazis.

I was willing to fight the communists, the NDP’s fellow travelers, for which Canada gave me a medal.

I think the NDP has limited credibility on military matters.

Roger Beebe

Medicine Hat

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