July 22nd, 2024

My MLA is a hypocritical floor-crosser

By Letter to the Editor on August 29, 2017.

Alberta conservatives want what they want: They want their power back and they don’t seem to care what they must do to get it.

Rigging the system so the disgraced PC MLAs become Alberta’s Official Opposition is a desperate step to try to achieve that end.

I nor anyone I know in the Cypress-Medicine Hat constituency voted for our MLA, Drew Barnes, to cross the floor to this upstart party, one with no policies.

I believe each MLA, Wildrose or PC, that chose to cross the floor to join the UCP should sit as an independent MLA until the next election.

Only PC MLA Richard Starke showed principled judgment by retaining his elected party affiliation.

MLA Barnes’ disdain for the great floor-crossing of 2014 certainly doesn’t seem to have affected his actions here. MLA Barnes was elected to represent all the Albertans in your riding. He is now sitting as Her Majesty’s Official Opposition, which comes with additional financial resources and, ergo, ought to reflect a higher standard than that of a mere opposition MLA.

Mr. Barnes should not get to make these most important decisions. We the people he represents do. All the people, not just his selected few.

Hypocrisy, say hello to my MLA, Drew Barnes.

Darlene A. Dunlop

Bow Island

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