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One man’s opinion: How the world came about

By Letter to the Editor on August 4, 2017.

At any age a chance to know the cause of the world should not be wasted.

The first phenomenon has to be the infinity of space as no border is possible. The next one is the great mass of energy, which is open for a name and might well be called god. The basic unit of energy can’t be detected but all are the same nature with some attraction that also can’t be detected.

We have the opportunity to experience this energy as our soul for a lifetime. Units of energy can join up into any possible particles as an electron or proton. As the proton is the nucleus of the atom circled by an electron, the bigger atoms have more protons with the corresponding electrons, how the periodic table of the elements shows. With its attraction we have matter that is visible in the stars and Milky Way.

We live on the planet earth which has the ideal condition for organic life and the creation of the cell. The great number of plants and animals show that every kind of plant and animal had a real chance to develop. Only man has the ideal body that allowed him to have a consciousness for everything. It was for the control of cell growth that plants needed a bloom and animals needed a male and female body, which now gives man a chance to have children by his conscience.

For early man it depended on the insight of people to understand the connection of birth and death of human life. The Bible gives a good picture of this understanding with the Ten Commandments. But then it needed an almighty being to create man, while the energy as soul has given man already consciousness.

There can be no explaining of human existence without the acknowledgment of energy as the soul and atoms and cells for organic life.

Adolf W. Schneider


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