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Leaders of merged parties have created major blunder

By Letter to the Editor on August 4, 2017.

You have to question the intelligence of the Wildrose and Conservative party leaders. These two Reform Party buddies have created another major blunder for themselves.

A man in West Edmonton Mall told me recently that although he had no intention of supporting them he had bought memberships in both parties so that he could vote for the merger and apparently a lot of other true conservatives had also. The plan was simple and if I had known about it I would have joined them.

They knew how upset their supporters were for them even suggesting this merger and have had enough of Brian Jean’s lies. They haven’t forgotten the gong-show performance put on by Jim Prentice and Danielle Smith, when all nine of the Wildrose floor walkers were defeated in the next election, so why not help them do it again, and see what their supporters do to them this time and that’s what they did. So while Brian Jean and Jason Kenney brag about their huge support it may be the start of their demise.

Now we hear their supporters demanding that all of them resign, so byelections can be held so they can vote them out. Before this is over the NDP could be the big winner. How many more times can you treat your supporters like morons, feeding them lie after lie, before they finally wake up and realize that enough is enough?

These gullible Albertans and, sadly, many of our fellow seniors and rural Albertans who support them, had better wake up and start realizing what they are promising to do to them. As a retired doctor friend says, they had better have a wheelbarrow full of money if they are going to elect these guys because they will certainly need it. Their scheme to cut billions off government spending by dumping the cost of health care onto the backs of the people could cost you $300 to $400 per month. Why would you support that while they give away billions in royalties to their rich friends — royalties that belong to all Albertans and could make your quality of life a lot better.

If that’s not bad enough, doctors tell us that their scheme will definitely destroy health care service in rural Alberta and put people’s lives at risk. Their big question is: How are you going to keep doctors and nurses working in rural Alberta if they can make twice as much money working in private for profit clinics in the cities, which is what their scheme will create. The truth is you won’t and we are having enough trouble as it is keeping them in rural Alberta.

Alan Spiller


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