July 15th, 2018

Trudeau’s rationale in Khadr case is ‘very much the Liberal approach’

By Letter to the Editor on July 28, 2017.

“The Khadrs, Canada’s First Family of Terrorism” is how Dr. Daniel Pipes of Pepperdine University and of the Middle East Forum has labeled this controversial Canadian family. He has documented their activities inside and outside Canada to the most recent happening. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issues a public apology to Omar Khadr and also decides Canadian taxpayers will pay him $10.5 million expeditiously and secretly.

The family was very hostile against the West and it supported militant Islamists in Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. It is understandable that the five of six children were influenced in this toxic environment. Present in a firefight in 2002 between American troops and an Al-Qaeda compound in Afghanistan was not a surprise. Christopher Speer, an American army medic, was killed and Layne Morris was partially blinded. Omar was captured, his life was saved by the Americans and he was transferred to Guantanamo Bay.

The debate will continue about the innocence or guilt of Omar Khadr, but the bigger issue now is why a prime ministerial apology topped with a $10.5 million payment. This very generous consideration appears directly related to the phenomenal transition of the Khadr family from terrorists to victims. How did this change occur? Several factors have contributed: the rulings in the Canadian courts, the support by left-leaning politicians, the media and the anti-U.S.A. bias in this country.

“Roaring Ralph” Goodale, the rotund MP from Regina who likes to exaggerate, blamed the Khadr fiasco on Stephen Harper, that Western Canadian Conservative who just did not get it right. The Harper government delayed repatriation, but until that time, Harper had continued the policy of both Jean Chretien and Paul Martin.

Prime Minister Trudeau argues that the apology and compensation were made because the Canadian government failed to uphold Khadr’s Charter rights, and fundamental principles must be respected. If the Canadian courts ruled that Khadr was a child-soldier, why hasn’t the government charged the living parent for child abuse (Criminal Code, Section 215) for having this so-called child engage in a high-risk activity, a firefight? Why hasn’t the system also considered any action of treason against the Khadrs?

It appears that Trudeau’s rationale is very much the Liberal approach. Canada’s principles are like multiple choice. What the Liberal Government chooses is fundamental. The others are not important.

The Trudeau explanation is neither convincing, nor adequate. The decision was Liberal politics. It should result in more votes for the Liberal Party, especially from the ilk in support of Khadr. Also, the Liberal Party has a history of being anti-U.S.A. Omar Khadr fits this bias.

Larry Samcoe

Medicine Hat

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3 Responses to “Trudeau’s rationale in Khadr case is ‘very much the Liberal approach’”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    I always find it amazing how these Albertans who call themselves conservatives blame everything on the Liberals after they supported one for 14 years and watched him destroy everything our conservative hero Peter Lougheed created for us. The Ralph Klein our family knew always called himself a Liberal and the history books prove it. Maybe Larry should get himself educated. It just so happens that Jason Kenney use to work for “roaring Ralph Goodale” in Saskatchewan, but now that this Liberal turned Reformer is now in Alberta pretending to be a conservative that makes him a good guy, right Larry?

    It doesn’t matter who the guy is if he attaches the word conservative to his name that’s all that matters with these guys. As a senior in Red Deer said to me years ago. I could call my dog conservative and they would elect him.

  2. Lana says:

    The point…Extremists are going to use our system to get what they want. They have been doing it in Europe for years and they are starting to do it here in Canada, this payout was the first big example, but M-103 was also another case where they can push their beliefs, their lifestyles and use their crimes against our system to get what no other Canadian could.

    Khadr at any point in his childhood or before being sent to kill could have reported how he was being trained. He was in a SAFE country here in Canada and would have been protected. Children are being taken away from their families all the time, especially Natives and poor families are the governments of Canada going to refuse to take Muslim children away from their parents who confirm they are being trained to kill?
    When he chose to fly to a war torn country to become a combatant he lost his rights as a Canadian citizen…that simple. Mommy and Daddy trained him, mommy and daddy should not have to hold his hand while he is slapped for killing a NON-Combatant by another country.

    What really gets my goat…Liberal bleeding hearts are completely against moderate Christian Conservatives or even just Conservatives for their values, belief and anything in general. They will fight tooth and nail against you but they are defending the most EXTREME Conservatives on this planet…why?
    Our Conservatives here in Canada may be against Gay marriages, our Conservative leaders may not walk in the Pride parades because it would be hypocritical of them. Conservatives are against abortion, but they still happen don’t they? They will not outlaw these things because our governments are not extremists, they know that they have to listen to the people…except now.
    Could you imagine if we had a government like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or even Sudan in power here in Canada?
    Liberals don’t get that they are supporting the Extreme Conservatives. Nothing to do with extremists or terrorists, but their views, Islamic Views, are conservative to the extreme…
    By the time they, Liberal Bleeding Hearts, figure it out it may be too late.

  3. Fedup Conservative says:

    We are all upset with how this was handled but to whine about the $10.5 million that it cost us, while ignoring what Ralph Klein, who always bragged about being a Liberal when my family knew him, did to this province doesn’t make these whiners look very smart.

    How do you blame everything that happens in this country on the Liberals after you supported one for 14 years and allowed him to destroy everything our hero conservative Peter Lougheed created for us. It’s the very reason why we in financial ruin and Norway and Alaska aren’t as we all know.

    This blind stupidity that many Alberta seniors live by is very disturbing, they will vote for anyone who adds the word conservative to their name. An elder woman said to me in 2003 “I don’t like what Ralph Klein is doing to this province, but I have to support him because I’m a conservative” That’s the type of intelligence we faced as we tried to vote Klein out and save what Lougheed created for us. It’s a well known fact that it was true conservatives who voted in the NDP to put a stop to what these phony conservatives did to us and I don’t know anyone of them who intends to allow the Reform Party boys to “Take back Alberta” so they can look after their rich friends once again. .

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