July 15th, 2018

Many questions after vote to unite the right

By Letter to the Editor on July 26, 2017.

The right will never unite 100 per cent. We are seeing Whiningrose leaving and CONservatives jumping ship. The New Dictator Party isn’t growing either.

The big winners in membership, funding and support is Greg Clark and The Alberta Party.

So at the end of the day, the vote will still be split. The sad fact is if the Whiningrose stayed in their own bed, they could win the next election. How can people that are suppose to be intelligent make such a stupid move?

I wonder what will happen if Derek Fildebrandt wins the leadership.

I think the lifeboat may start to capsize.

I still remember Drew Barnes saying he would stay a Wildrose even if he was the last man standing. Now it looks like this may be the largest floor-crossing in the history of Alberta politics.

I have been saying this for close to two years: If Drew Barnes would have won the Whiningrose leadership, do you think we wold be having this conversation?

I am of the belief that if Mr. Barnes won the leadership, we would now have a “minority” NDP government. Remember Brian Jean’s stellar performance during the debate. He was a pull-string puppet, “No new taxes.” I think we all ought to be asking, “Who was pulling his strings?”

Les Landry


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