July 14th, 2024

City in competition with its own citizens

By Letter to the Editor on July 25, 2017.

Every time local elections roll around we hear about economic development.

Can someone please explain to me why any company would want to come to Medicine Hat when the city is competing with many of its own taxpayers?

I see paving machines which city council allowed to be purchased to compete with a long-established local paving company. I understand that seven such paving machines were purchased under the so-called watchful eye of council.

Now I see the City of Medicine Hat is in the concrete business. Just look at the newly poured sidewalk in front of the Chamber of Commerce.

Now ask yourself why is there even any talk of economic development — unless of course that has a different meaning in Medicine Hat. Maybe city council can get into a few more businesses and really dry up any hope for the ever-taxpaying entrepreneur.

Cathy Smith

Medicine Hat

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