May 24th, 2018

Government should be ashamed for caving in to terrorist Khadr

By Letter to the Editor on July 13, 2017.

As a retired soldier I am not only appalled at the apology and millions of our tax dollars being given to a convicted murder, I am personally offended.

I proudly served in the Canadian military for 20 years and retired just as proud with the rank of warrant officer. I know soldiers who came home from Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan with horrible injuries both physical and mental yet they are met with uncaring government bureaucracy. And in the case of those who can no longer serve due to their medical condition — which is in direct relationship to their service and sacrifice — they are offered a meager $350,000 settlement and very little support of any kind afterwards.

The Trudeau government should be ashamed for caving in to this terrorist Omar Khadr and his lawyers. He killed an unarmed medic and is seen in our media with a wide grin because the government has rewarded his bad behaviour which will undoubtedly only result in more bad behaviour.

I proudly wore the Canadian flag on my shoulder for 20 years and was proud of my nation. Today I am ashamed to be Canadian and it’s the Trudeau government’s fault.Shame, shame, shame!

I demand to be told the exact amount you have given this SOB. It’s my money and I have the right! How much of these millions will now end up in the hands of his terrorist connected family, or has the government even thought of that?

Ronald W. Noel, (Ret’d) CD, CPSM, QJM

Medicine Hat

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One Response to “Government should be ashamed for caving in to terrorist Khadr”

  1. harcur says:

    The trudeau government will give $10 million+ to a convicted terrorist and tell him to hide it before his victims wife can get hold of it AND then offer $300,000 MAXIMUM to the soldiers who had their limbs blown off or their minds shattered by IEDs made by that same terrorist or the animals he hung out with who are responsible for the slaughter of 100s of 1000s of innocent men, women, children and babies.
    The Supreme Court of Canada said that Khadr’s rights had been violated. They DID NOT say that us taxpayers OR ANYONE had to pay him a single penny or offer an apology.
    Top lawyers in this country have chimed in and said that it is SELDOM that any person filing a lawsuit get even close to what they ask for. That is why they ask for far more than they expect in the first place. Yet trudeau continues to insist that he did us a favor and it would have cost us $40 million if he hadn’t. ( What’s $40 million anyway trudeau? 2 weeks after being elected you sent the UN $2.65 BILLION taxpayer dollars to dole out among the despots running countries that they control through death and torture and you expect them to use the money to HELP the people they terrorize daily?)
    MORE INFO; In 2003/2004 Chretien/Martin sent lawyers to investigate Khadrs claims that he was being tortured while in US custody. They returned and told Chretien that,” I was probable.”
    Chretien did NOTHING. He sent no legal representation and he IGNORED the $100,000 Khadr was asking for due to his constitutional rights being violated.
    ALL of these FACTS are ignored? Omitted? Forgotten? by the liberals and according to them this is ALL the fault of Harper.
    Hypocrisy = Canadian Federal liberals

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