December 15th, 2017


From The Newsroom

  • Food, drink and support for each other at Alberta Food and Beverage Expo

    Fans of ‘The Simpsons’ might remember a mid-1990s episode that began with Homer and Marge at the Candy Industry Trade Show. Upon entering, Homer, runs from booth to booth grabbing handfuls of candy samples and stuffing them into his face, barely getting out the words ‘exquisite’ and ‘brilliant.’ That’s similar to what I felt like [...] Read More »

    10 months ago
  • Prime ministerial visits to Medicine Hat are few and far between

    When Justin Trudeau sets foot in Medicine Hat tomorrow it will mark the first time in almost a quarter century a sitting prime minister has been in the Gas City. Though not the only visits to Medicine Hat by sitting PMs these are a few notable ones: Kim Campbell was prime minister from June 25 [...] Read More »

    1 year ago
  • What I learned on my summer vacations

    This summer I was fortunate enough to take two vacations. One to Las Vegas and California for a Garth Brooks concert and Disneyland, among other things, and one to Toronto for the Hockey Hall of Fame, a pair of Blue Jays games and more in the area. Both were driving vacations, something I won’t be [...] Read More »

    1 year ago
  • Remembering Prince

    “Prince dies at 57.” The headline hit me like a punch to the gut when I checked Facebook on Thursday after getting home from a workout. Just like David Bowie’s death earlier this year, I looked around, hoping it was just a hoax, but quickly discovered it wasn’t the case. I’m not alone feeling the [...] Read More »

    2 years ago
  • A few ideas if you’re stuck for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and we’re a romantic bunch here in the newsroom. With that in mind here are some date, activity and gift ideas (some are personal experiences, some are just ideas) that are perfect for couples at any point on the highway of love. – Celebrating each other does not have [...] Read More »

    2 years ago

Letters to the Editor

  • Science doesn’t align itself with religion

    Re: “Evolution remains an unproved idea,” Nov. 20 I won’t address everything but I would like to address a couple of points. Firstly, true science does not seek to align itself with any religion, ever. That would imply a very obvious bias which true science does not tolerate. True science is the process of experimentation [...] Read More »

    6 hours ago
  • Placement of advertisement irks subscriber

    As a long-time News subscriber, I was somewhat choked to find a half-front-page ad from a local auto dealer in a recent issue, below which was the story about aid for the Hilda wildfire victims. To add insult to injury, the paper is folded so as to have the advertisement prominent. If the newspaper was [...] Read More »

    1 day ago
  • An unbelievable list of ‘perpetrators’

    I grew up, from birth to the age of 14, during a more or less “warring” time, including the closing years of the Second World War. The steamroller of the Soviet advance on Berlin caused many traumatic memories, even for a young kid like me. Those memories would be the stuff of much longer ‘stories [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Complex world demands an intelligent creator

    Does the fossil record support evolution? Fact 1. All life in the fossil record appears abruptly and fully formed, showing no intermediate fossils revealing change. Fact 2. Fossils of dinosaurs with soft tissue prove they are not millions of years old but fit into the Biblical young Earth. Fact 3. Darwin himself was puzzled by [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Column personified intolerance on the left

    Re: “Poisonous partisanship at the ballot box,” Dec. 2 After reading the Peter Mueller’s latest column I wondered how many other readers also saw the irony of the headline versus the content of his column. It has always been obvious from Mr. Mueller’s many columns written for the News that he was coming from the [...] Read More »

    3 days ago

Local Bloggers

  • Getty Center Museum in Los Angeles: Part 3

    Source: Editing Luke Getty Center Museum in Los Angeles: Part 3 A continuation of my photo set from the Getty in Los Angeles, California[...] Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Winter Wonderland in Medicine Hat, Alberta

    Source: Editing Luke Winter Wonderland in Medicine Hat, Alberta A few visual highlights of an early winter snowfall in Medicine Hat, Alberta[...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • 9 Most Unique Uses for Medalta Items

    Source: Medalta 9 Most Unique Uses for Medalta Items Our reception staff can confirm – we’ve seen it all! People get so creative with the ways they use their ceramics. Here’s our list of the most unique uses we have found, but maybe you’ve got an even better one? Send it on over to us [...] Read More »

    3 days ago
  • Norway Pavilion | Epcot World Showcase

    Source: Editing Luke Norway Pavilion | Epcot World Showcase Norway is one of the 11 countries represented in World Showcase within Epcot at Walt Disney World in Florida. The central landmark of the Norway Pavilion is a medieval stave church replica surrounded by a Norwegian village. However, the latest draw to the pavilion has been the inclusion of [...] Read More »

    3 days ago
  • December Vlog – Life of a Medalta Bowl

    Source: Medalta December Vlog – Life of a Medalta Bowl This place is full of personality – even our bowls have something to say! Follow our little friend on her journey from clay to a new home. &#[...] Read More »

    4 days ago


  • MLA Report: The most wonderful time of the year

    The Christmas season is upon us and there is so much to celebrate. Myself, I look forward to the time that I get to spend with my wife, children and family. It is always so special to be able to see distant family members, nephews and nieces and to enjoy each other’s company, away from [...] Read More »

    6 hours ago
  • Sask.-Alta. border issues starting to simmer

    The Saskatchewan government’s requirement of having only Saskatchewan licensed vehicles on government construction sites perhaps hits a nerve that runs much deeper. Saskatchewan’s infrastructure minister has given a range of reasons why he felt the new rule was necessary, including Alberta having similar rules and Alberta not having a sales tax. Presumably he felt this [...] Read More »

    6 hours ago
  • Finding peace in a world seemingly intent on war

    For the children of the Cold War era, those born in the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, the constant threat of nuclear annihilation was an ever-present fear. It defined us as human beings, and set its stamp deep in our psyches. Even today those born in that era still recall horrific images of nuclear bombs [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • National Affairs: Why PM’s plan for trade between Canada and China may not work

    Justin Trudeau is apparently holding out for a more comprehensive trade deal with China. The prime minister should be careful what he asks for. The much-discussed but still theoretical Canada-China free trade pact has been undergoing a kind of perils-of-Pauline adventure this week. It seemed alive and well Sunday when the prime minister landed in [...] Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Medicine Hat picked a great partner in Swift Current for Under 17 Hockey bid

    Swift Current and Medicine Hat cooperating regarding junior hockey? Who knew? With the simultaneous announcement during the two communities’ respective evening council meetings on Dec. 4, the two were teaming up on an interprovincial joint-bid to try and entice the 2019 Under 17 Hockey Challenge to come to western Canada as Swift Current and Medicine [...] Read More »

    6 days ago

Ticked Off and Tickled Pink

  • Ticked Off and Tickled Pink Dec. 14

    Ticked Off That people still use the excuse that this is a farm town and they don’t know any better. There is absolutely no excuse for inconsiderate manners, terrible service and bad driving. Tickled Pink Tax, tax, tax increase. Later Hat, have a good one. Ticked Off “Try living within walking distance of where you [...] Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Ticked Off and Tickled Pink Dec. 12

    Ticked Off Why, when our country has such a drug problem, would we legalize more drugs for our children? Tickled Pink That I will be saying Merry Christmas instead of happy holidays. Ticked Off With the amount of blue elastics laying on street from mail delivery people on Hemingway. Please clean up after yourselves! Ticked [...] Read More »

    3 days ago
  • Ticked Off and Tickled Pink Dec. 7

    Tickled Pink President Trump is standing up for Christian values in the U.S. Don’t believe what the liberal press is trying to say about him. It would be nice to have him up here fighting for what is morally right instead of Trudeau. Ticked Off That some adults will not talk to their parents. Guess [...] Read More »

    1 week ago
  • Ticked Off and Tickled Pink Dec. 5

    Ticked Off If fees from the rinks can cover the cost why would the a certain group want a major financial investment from the city for the multiplex they are talking about If it ever is to be built it should be built to standalone and pay for itself without taxpayers having to fund it. [...] Read More »

    1 week ago
  • Ticked Off and Tickled Pink Nov. 30

    Tickled Pink That the Esplanade, which I support quite a bit, is really giving the Canalta Centre a run for its money. I think the Esplanade shows outnumber Canalta by about 10 to one. Tickled Pink That Eskimos’ play call in the Western final was the most bone-headed coaching call I’ve ever seen. It puts [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago