May 30th, 2024

Marlins send 18 swimmers to Calgary for Chinook Invitational

By Medicine Hat News on April 24, 2024.

The Alberta Marlin Aquatic Club was in action over the weekend in Calgary.

The local swim club sent 18 swimmers to the 47th Chinook Invitational hosted by Calgary Patriots swim club.

Swimmer results are as follows.

Female 11-12

Carleigh Gainsborough (11): Finished 24th in 200m Free, 31st in 100m Free, 36th in 50m Breast, 41st in 100m Breast and 46th in 50m Free.

Breagh Kohlman (12): Finished third in 100m Breast, sixth in 200m IM, seventh in 100m Fly (a 12-year-old provincial time) and 200m Free, ninth in 50m Fly (a 12-year-old provincial time) and 23rd in 400m Free.

Charlotte Kurpjuweit (11): Finished 31st in 200m Free, 32nd in 100m Back, 38th in 50m Fly, 41st in 100m Free, 42nd in 50m Breast and 47th in 50m Free.

Olivia Liebenberg (11): Finished 10th in 100m Free, 16th in 200m Free, 26th in 50m Free, 31st in 100m Back and 400m Free and 37th in 200m IM.

Holly Mulligan (12): Finished 23rd in 50m Back, 30th in 200m Free, 35th in 50m Fly, 36th in 50m Free and 100m Free and 43rd in 100m Breast.

Female 13-14

Lauren Gainsborough (13): Finished 13th in 100m Breast and 200m Back, 16th in 50m Fly, 20th in 50m Breast, 24th in 400m Free and 33rd in 100m Fly.

Maja Kolodziej (13): Finished 21st in 200m Back, 24th in 100m Breast and 200m IM, 33rd in 50m Breast, 35th in 100m Free and 42nd in 50m Back.

Lily McWilliams (13): Finished third in 400m Free (a 15 and over provincial time), fourth in 100m Free (a 15 and over provincial time) and 200m Free, 13th in 100m Back (a 13-14-year-old provincial time), 17th in 200m Breast and 27th in 50m Free.

Aliya Seeley (14): Finished ninth in 400m Free, 11th in 200m Back, 14th in 200m IM, 22nd in 100m Fly, 31st in 50m Breast and 100m Back.

Female 15 and over

Rowynn Biffart (15): Finished First in 200m Back (a 15 and over champ time) and 200m Free -(a 15-year-old western time), second in 50m Breast, fourth in 100m Breast, fifth in 50m Free Eliminator Round 2 (a Jr. Olympic trials time and club record) and seventh in 100m Back.

Jordan Hill (15): Finished 16th in 200m Back, 39th in 400m Free, 42nd in 50m Back, 48th in 100m Back, 60th in 100m Free and 110th in 50m Free.

Morgan Hobson (15): Finished fifth in 50m Breast and 200m Free (a 15 and over provincial time), eighth in 100m Breast, 100m Fly and 200m Back and 41st in 50m Free.

Male 11-12

Masao Mori (12): Finished first in 100m Back (a 13 and under champ time), second in 50m Breast (a 14-15-year-old champ time) and 100m Fly (a 14-15-year-old provincial time).

Jack Mulligan (12): Finished 11th in 100m Free and 200m Free, 12th in 50m Back, 13th in 50m Free and 100m Breast and 19th in 50m Fly.

Male 13-14

Caen McWilliams (14): Finished first in 100m Back (a 14-15-year-old champ time and 16 and over provincial time) and 200m Back, fourth in 100m Fly (a 14-15-year-old provincial time), sixth in 50m Back, 24th in 50m Breast and 34th in 50m Free (a 16 and over provincial time).

Leo Yonkman (14): Finished 12th in 200m Breast, 13th in 100m Free, 18th in 50m Breast, 20th in 100m Back, 21st in 400m Free and 55th in 50m Free.

Male 15 and over

Matthew Daley (16): Finished 23rd in 50m Fly, 25th in 50m Breast, 28th in 50m Back, 33rd in 100m Free and 73rd in 50m Free.

Johnathan Marshall (17): Finished 11th in 50m Fly, 12th in 50m Breast, 13th in 50m Back and 15th in 50m Free.

Next up for AMAC is the 2024 Coulee Kids Pediatric Dentistry Spring Challenge in Lethbridge.

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